Steffy Is Thrilled Liam is Coming Home – Until He Arrives

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 – Episode #7829

Steffy is thrilled about Liam coming home, until he actually arrives…

Steffy and Liam reunite or not

Bill and Steffy Still Together

At the cabin, Wyatt feels terrible telling Liam the truth.  He saw Dad and Steffy in each other’s arms outside his office.  But there’s more.  Wyatt says it was kind of obvious what is happening between he two of them.  Liam hopes Wyatt’s not messing with him.  Wyatt wishes there was a chance he was wrong, but he’s not.  Dad and Steffy are still together, Wyatt tells his brother.

Liam wants to know everything Wyatt and saw.  Wyatt relays the story. After they left, Wyatt went into Bill’s office.  It was the aftermath.  Candles, blankets, flowers, pillows with lipstick on them. Wyatt doesn’t know how Steffy could do this to him.

Liam is shell shocked.  Wyatt says there is no doubt about it.  It’s still going on.  Wyatt will help Liam through this.  Liam is reeling.  He walks out of the cabin when Wyatt is looking for a drink for him.

Liam Confronts Steffy About Being In His Father’s Arms

At the cliff house, Steffy is thrilled with Liam’s flowers.  He still loves her and is coming home.  He found a way to forgive her and they can put Bill behind them.

More flowers arrive. Here’s to parenting, here’s to our future and here’s to our family the cards read. Steffy is glad she couldn’t give up on them.  Liam is coming back to her.

Taylor finds it odd that Bill is selling her the house.  Taylor doesn’t trust Bill. Steffy says she made it clear to Bill that she wasn’t interested in him.  She will change the locks and she and Liam will live happily ever after.  She hasn’t been this happy since they found out she was having a baby.

Taylor leaves knowing Liam will be there soon.  Taylor’s proud of them for not giving up on their marriage. Steffy says she put him through hell. But Liam is now sure she’ll never do anything like that ever again.

Steffy is looking at the cards attached t the flowers when Liam arrives.  She doesn’t hear him enter.  She thanks him for the flowers and cards with tears in her eyes.  She reads the cards to him.  Having him in their home means so much. Liam says white roses are supposed to represent new beginnings.  He sent them to celebrate their reunion.  A second chance.

He send them before he found something out.  He asks if Steffy saw Bill last night.  She says she did.  He singed the papers selling her the house.  They will change the locks so Bill can’t barge in.  Liam says that for weeks Steffy has ben telling him that she isn’t talking to Bill and seeing him, but she still is. It was strictly business Steffy says.  Liam asks if she touched hi, embraced him.  Steffy says no, but then finally mentions there was a hug.

Liam came here to tell her that he was ready to forgive her for her indiscretion with his dad.  They he found out about last night.  She was in his father’s arms once again.

Wyatt Completes Bill’s Plan

Justin says that he tricked Wyatt into lying to Liam.  Bill nots that Wyatt doesn’t think he’s lying.  Justin thinks Bill shouldn’t have done it.  But Bill thinks Steffy belongs with him and she is going to end up with him.  Period.  Bill thinks he’s just righting a wrong.  Keeping Hope and Liam apart.

Hope was Liam’s first choice, and Steffy was his.  Justin doesn’t think that Steffy sees it that way.  Bill thinks she is in denial because of her child.  Justin thinks he is risking too much.  If Liam and Wyatt find out, he’ll be alone again.

Bill says he loves Steffy.  She needs him. One day Liam will thank him for being there for Steffy.  She’s going to be with him, Bill tells Justin.  It will all work out.

Later, Wyatt returns to the office. He still can’t believe him and Steffy.  Bill tells him they are in love.  They are the real deal. Bill asks where Wyatt has been. He told Liam everything, Wyatt says.  How’d he take it Bill asks.  Like a man who just loss the most important thing in his life.  Wyatt just put an end to Liam’s marriage.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Wednesday, May 3, 2018

Ridge happily explains to Brooke that he talked to Liam that morning and Liam has decided to go home to Steffy.  Brooke, no doubt will be concerned for her daughter, Hope, who was also optimistic for a future with Liam.  Ridge telling Brooke Liam’s decision will also mean that Hope will learn that Liam chose his family over her.

Unfortunately, the celebrations of Liam and Steffy’s reunion may be a bit premature as Liam has just learned from Wyatt that Steffy and his father are still together behind Liam’s back.  This, of course isn’t true, its one of Bill’s infamous manipulations, but there is enough truth in the series of events that Liam is buying it.  Liam and Steffy continue their discussion today.

Steffy is caught in a difficult position given that crossing Bill ill mean her mother going to prison for his shooting.  Will Steffy be honest with Liam?  Or keep the truth to herself to protect her mother?

Meanwhile, Wyatt rails at his father for his horrible choices.  And the fact that Bill isn’t sorry about sleeping with his son’s pregnant wife.  Of course this is all the more hypocritical since Bill demanded Wyatt end his engagement to his ex-wife, Katie, because he didn’t want his son, Will growing up with his half brother as his step father.  In Bill’s mind that is unnatural and disgusting.  But Bill raising his granddaughter as her step father?  Totally normal.

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