Steffy Learns About Liam and Hope’s Engagement

Wednesday, May 9, 2018– Episode #7834

Ridge blames Bill for sabotaging Steffy’s marriage
Steffy sees Hope wearing a ring
Liam tells Ridge he changed his mind

Steffy learns about hope and liams engagement

Ridge Blames Bill For Sabotaging Steffy’s Marriage

Steffy is trying to get hold of Liam when Ridge arrives at the Cliff House.  Steffy tells Ridge that she still doesn’t know what happened. He said he was coming home, then something made Liam doubt her.

Ridge wants to talk to Liam.  The other day he wanted to reconcile.  And now he doesn’t Steffy says.  She needs to talk to Liam.

Liam put a lot of thought into their reunion, the flowers, the cards.  Ridge doesn’t think a hug with Bill could change that.  Ridge thinks Bill is the reason. It’s Bill trying to sabotage your marriage Ridge tells his daughter.

Steffy says he’s not entirely wrong.  He turned up again and made a pitch for them.  Ridge says Bill is obsessed with her.  Ridge says someone put doubt in Liam’s head.  Steffy says she hugged Bill but it meant nothing.  She just needs to fix this, before Hope takes advantage.  Steffy’s not going to let Hope interfere in her marriage.

Steffy Learns About Hope and Liam’s Engagement

Hope tells Liam its ok if he’s having second thoughts about his annulment.  But Liam tells her that he proposed because he’s ready to move forward.  He has to put his marriage behind him.  The messenger is coming to pick up the annulment papers.

Liam signs the papers that Steffy has already signed. He gives the papers to the courier.

Brooke enters. She says that Ridge told her that he decided to go to back to Steffy.  Hope walks in and tells her mother that she won’t believe it but they are engaged.  Brooke says the news is wonderful, but unexpected.

Then Brooke asks.  I though you were planning on staying with Steffy.  Was Ridge wrong Brooke asks. Brooke asks if something happened.  Liam said that he realized that you can’t repair a relationship when both parties aren’t equally invested.  Bill Brooke notes.  Liam says he’s been involved in every relationship he’s had.  Until now.

Liam says Hope has been there for him in a way no one else has.  He wants to be there for her too.  As her husband.  This isn’t a rebound, there is a beautiful future waiting for us.  There always has been, Liam states.

Brooke is glad for them.  Maya and Rick arrive and Hope shares the news with them also.  Rick doesn’t seem thrilled. He’s surprised they got there this fast.  He hopes his sister isn’t just a rebound.  Liam understands.  He didn’t trust anyone until Hope showed up and made him laugh for the first time in weeks.   Rick wonders if Steffy knows, and Ridge.  Hope admits neither know yet.

Liam wants to be the one to tell Ridge.  He heads out.  Hope just wants Brooke to be happy for her.  Brooke is, but its just a complicated situation.  Liam changed his mind very quickly. Brooke is sure that it will work out for them since they are both thoughtful honest people.

Steffy walks in.  She’s looking for Liam but wants to talk to Hope first. Steffy tells Hope that Liam wanted to come back, she begs Hope to talk to Liam for her and her little girl. Steffy catches sight of the ring on Hope’s finger.  Hope admits it’s the ring Liam gave her years ago.  Steffy wants to know why Hope is wearing it. After years of manipulations and interference keeping them apart, Liam and Hope are not putting up with it.  Liam proposed to her last night and she said yes.  They are getting married.

Steffy is speechless.

Liam tells Ridge He’s Engaged To Hope

Liam arrives at Forrester Creations.  Ridge tells him his wife is trying to get hold of him.  Ridge wants to know what happened.  Liam says he thought so too, but he discovered it wasn’t possible.  Steffy and Bill are still involved.  Ridge says they aren’t.  Liam says are.   Liam can’t keep living under a shadow.  His marriage is over. Liam tells Ridge he filed the annulment papers. This chapter of his life was not good for him and he needs to find a way to get past it.

He thought he could do it still married to Steffy but he couldn’t.  He needs trust and honesty.  He’d forgotten what that felt like.  Liam then tells Ridge that he proposed to Hope.

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

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Thursday, May 10, 2018


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