The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: May 14 – 18, 2018 – Loyalties Divided

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful May 14-18, 2018:  Wyatt learns of Bill Deception.  Where will his loyalties lie?

    Divided Loyalties

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    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Liam and Hope’s Spontaneous Engagement

    Whether you believe that Liam and Hope’s engagement is a rebound, or years in the making, the fact remains that it didn’t take Liam long to reset his course after Wyatt told Liam that Steffy and their father were still having an affair.  And Brooke and Hope are responding with the same swiftness that Steffy did when she first wore Liam’s engagement ring, and with Bill’s help, put together a surprise wedding on a mountain top in Aspen, while Hope watched from a stalled gondola.

    Brooke and Ridge Divided

    That move can’t be helping Brooke and Ridge’s relationship either, as both are determined to support their daughters.  Ridge continues to see Steffy and Bill’s victim and blames Bill for the latest hiccup in Liam and Steffy’s marriage.  Meanwhile, Brooke defends her daughters right to her happiness.  Will this cause trouble in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage?

    Wyatt Doesn’t Get It

    Wyatt and Liam discuss what he saw happening between Bill and Steffy.  Wyatt isn’t surprised by anything their father does anymore, but Steffy?  Wyatt just can’t quite believe it.

    Wyatt Learns Bill Used Him

    Justin has been vocal with Bill about believing that Bill went too far in breaking up Liam and Steffy’s marriage with a lie.

    Funnily enough, arson and attempted murder, another two schemes Justin put into play for Bill were just fine, however.

    Anyway,  Justin is once again making his feelings known to Bill about using Wyatt to break up Liam and Steffy’s marriage.  This time, however, Wyatt overhears.  He storms into his father’s office demanding to know the truth.  When Bill confesses that it is, Wyatt yells at his father that nothing is beneath him.

    And Wyatt wants to tell Liam the truth.  He deserves that much.  But Bill doesn’t agree, and he pulls Wyatt back away from the office door telling him he isn’t going anywhere…

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    With a wedding planner cast for episodes in May (15th reportedly) it looks like May Sweeps could include a wedding.  Is this a Hope and Liam nuptials?  Will it be derailed with Liam learns the truth?


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