Wedding Planning Continues While Wyatt Does A Deal With The Devil

Monday, May 21, 2018 – Episode #7842

BiIl Intervenes before Wyatt’s guilt gets to him
Hope thinks nothing can get in the way of her wedding this time; Katie knows that isn’t true
Bill makes a deal with the devil

Planning a Hope Logan Wedding

Wyatt Makes a Deal with the Devil

Justin sees the Liam and Wyatt together in the Spencer carpark and calls Bill.  Bill is one the way back to the office.

Wyatt and Liam are outside Spencer Publications.  Liam says the stakes are pretty high, he’s about to get married. Wyatt suggests maybe he waits.  But Liam doesn’t want to wait, he just needs to be sure about Steffy and their father.  Is there any other explanation for what you saw? Liam just has to be sure that Steffy and their father are involved. Wyatt doesn’t think Liam is crazy for questioning it.  Wyatt gets a text from Bill.  This is changing the course of his entire life, and his daughters.  Liam appreciates Wyatt telling him the truth.

Wyatt agrees Liam needs to know the truth.  Bill pulls into the car park.  Bill congratulates Liam on his upcoming marriage. He’s finally going to be with the woman he’s supposed to be with.  Liam starts to leave. Wyatt asks him to wait.

Liam tells him to hurry up because he can’t stand being around Bill.  Bill makes out he was with Steffy at the beach.  Liam doesn’t believe him, but Bill shows him a painting from the beach house in he back of his car.

Liam leaves.  Wyatt is like really?  Bill gives him the artwork that has appreciated significantly.  FI he is loyal to Bill Wyatt will be rewarded in ways he can’t imagine.

Later, in Wyatt’s office Bill is having the artwork hung.  Wyatt can stop thinking about the cost attached to all he is getting from his father.  Wyatt tells Bill he doesn’t know if he can do this.  Bill tells him he can and reminds him of all he has to offer his son.  Wyatt tells Bill he is a great salesman but he’s not for sale. They are interfering in the most disgusting and deplorable way.  Bill thinks he’s setting straight his manipulations from years ago keeping Liam and Hope apart.

Wyatt doesn’t think Steffy wants Bill. Bill thinks Steffy just doesn’t realize it yet.  This is best for everyone Bill assets.  Including Wyatt.  Wyatt feels like he’s making a deal with the devil.

Nothing Will Get In Our Way

At Forrester, Brooke is filling Hope in on wedding details.  Brooke is enjoying planning Hopes wedding.  Hope is so excited to be marrying Liam. She almost can’t believe it.

Katie arrives.  Conversation turns to Steffy.  Brooke says Steffy made choices to get her where she is.  Katie believes that Liam will be far better off with her than Steffy.  Hope thinks nothing can get in the way of this wedding.

Katie can’t forget Liam’s dilemma.    Hope can’t believe that Steffy is still seeing Bill.  But Hope is excited about her wedding.  She’s counting down the minutes.  When she went to the cabin to congratulate Liam on reconciling with Steffy she never imagined it would end like this.  Some people have their doubts but she and Liam are finally going to have the future they were supposed to have.

ere to buy the house.  Liam can’t believe Steffy, however.

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


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