Wyatt Learns Bill Duped Him Into Destroying Liam’s Marriage

Monday, May 14, 2018– Episode #7837

Ridge and Brooke are on different sides
Liam asks Wyatt to be his best man
Wyatt learns Bill duped him

Wyatt learns Bill used him to destroy Liam's marriage

Ridge and Brooke on Opposite Sides

At Brooke’s house, Brooke and Ridge are discussing Liam changing his mind about reuniting with Steffy and rebounding to Hope.  Brooke doesn’t see this as a rebound.  Hope has always loved Liam, and she deserves her happiness.  But is it what Liam wants, Ridge questions.  Brooke says they love each other and want to be together as soon as possible.  Liam has made his choice.

Ridge thinks Hope and Liam’s wedding is based on a lie that Bill has told.  He has always wanted Steffy and will do anything to get her.  Bill has spawned this web of lies, Ridge says.  Liam, Steffy and their baby are caught in it.

Whatever Liam learned to change his mind about Steffy, Bill is behind it, Ridge says.

Wedding Congratulations

At the office, Hope is being congratulated on her engagement, wedding and proposal. Hope is excited to be Liam’s wife again.   Thorne wonders how Ridge and Brooke are doing.  Things must be tense between them.

Liam and Wyatt to be his Best Man

Wyatt visits Liam at the cabin.  Liam thanks him for telling him the truth. He was about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life.  Wyatt says nothing about their father surprises him anymore, but he doesn’t get how Steffy could betray him like that again.,

Wyatt asks if he is sure about marrying Hope.  Liam is.  Then remembers Wyatt’s own history with Hope and wonders if he should have checked in with him first.  Wyatt says he’s barely seen Hope since she’s been back, and that Liam didn’t have to worry about him.  Wyatt does wonder what the rush is though.  Wyatt is behind him, 100% no matter what he chooses.  Liam asks Wyatt to be his best man, and Wyatt accepts.

Liam says that Wyatt and Hope are the only two people in his life that he trusts to give the truth.  Liam asks what his duties are as best man.  Just get me there, Liam says. Liam admits he loves Stefy but he wants to move on with Hope.  He wants some honesty back in his life.,

Wyatt says he will have that with Hope. Wyatt tells Liam that he would never lie to him, especially about something as important to Liam as his marriage.  Liam tells Wyatt he did the right thing.  Both agree it is hard to imagine, however.  If Liam had heard it from anyone else, he wouldn’t have believed it. Wyatt thinks Liam has to let it go.  He has a new life ahead of him with someone he trusts and won’t let him down.

The brothers hug as Liam says Hope isn’t the only one he can trust.  With Hope there will be no question of loyalty.  They are going to build a future together and never look back.

Wyatt Learns Bill Played Him

Justin is still moaning about not being proud of being involved in manipulating Wyatt. Bill still thinks everyone is where they were always meant to be.  Liam with Hope and Steffy will be with him.  Justing wonders if Bill has really thought this through.  Steffy is pregnant and alone because of one night and what Bill did.  Bill shuts the conversation down.

Liam and Hope will have a great life and he ansd Steffy will conquer the world.  He’s righting a wrong, Bill defends.

Later, Bill tells Justin about a new car he bought.  As Bill’s friend Justin can’t drop the Steffy thing.  He’s gone too far this time.  He’s never lost if for a woman like this before.  Bill thinks he’s in control. Justin says he’s going to lose both his sons. Once they find out what he’s done. Justin said he set up the fake intimate scene for him, but that was wrong.  Steffy is committed to Liam.  Bill used one brother to break up the other’s marriage.  Its back, and he played Wyatt for a fool and there will be a price to pay, Justin finishes.

Wyatt is outside the office door, unseen, and hears the entire exchange…

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


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