The Bold and the Beautiful 2019 Spoilers : 2019 Preview

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    With the Bold and the Beautiful having aired its final episode for 2018 on Friday December 2018, fans are turning their thoughts to where the Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s will find themselves in 2019.

    Here’s a look at how spoilers for 2019 may play out.

    B&B 2019 Spoilers

    Hope, Liam and Steffy Blended Family Shatters?

    The storyline that will carry the Bold and the Beautiful into 2019 is the birth of Liam and Hope’s daughter, Beth.  With Reese attending the birth, Hope alone on Catalina, and Liam struggling to get to his wife, the scene is set for the promised baby shocker.

    Spoilers indicate that Liam and Hope are to be tested in 2019.  Speculation is rife that Reese Buckingham, who is desperate to get out from under $200,000 in gambling debts before his daughter, Zoe, pays the price, will fake Baby Beth’s death.

    The death of any child will test a marriage, but with Liam having another family with ex wife Steffy, the situation is doubly complicated as he is also committed to that family. This will cause conflict in Hope and Liam’s marriage as they too should have been raising a baby at this time.  Being around Steffy and Kelly will be a constant reminder of what they have lost, and Liam will likely spend more time with Kelly as he works through his grief.

    Steffy Adopts

    As much as Steffy will grieve Hope and Liam’s loss with them, if the rumors about Steffy unknowingly adopting baby Beth are true, Steffy will also be thrilled to grow her family.  Liam will be around this new baby as he will still be involved in Steffy and Kelly’s life.  Could Liam feel a pull to this new child? And as his troubles with Hope grow, will Liam find himself more and more pulled into this readymade family unit?

    Having Hope’s nemesis raise her child, albeit unknowingly will certainly drive some powerful and dramatic storylines for years to come.

    Redemption of Bill

    The baby drama storyline will also see Bill Spencer step up for son Liam and get Liam, Brooke and Ridge to Catalina to be with Hope.  What they find when they get there will have three powerful men asking some serious questions of Dr Reese Buckingham.

    Bill has claimed to be a changed man and 2019 will see him proving this not only to his three sons, Wyatt, Liam and Will, but to Brooke as well.  When Bill comes through for youngest son, even Thorne will step back from his role as Will’s male role model and let Bill take back that role in his sons life.

    Katie and Thorne, Sally and Wyatt

    With Ingo Rademacher not renewing his contract is also likely that Katie and Thorne’s marriage will face troubles.  Or will both characters be furloughed in Paris until writers decide what is in store for them?

    With the situation with their daughters, Hope and Steffy, and with Taylor’s issues thrown into the mix, Ridge and Brooke will find themselves on different sides in many arguments.

    Sally Spectra has found success at Forrester Creations as a designer, but she still dreams of owning her own fashion house once more.  With Wyatt inheriting his father’s business acumen, these two could be a force to be reckoned with should they decide to open a design house together. Sally and Wyatt’s relationship will only deepen in 2019.

    2019 also promises more twists and turns in the “Who Shot Bill mystery


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