Taylor Brainwashed! 2019 Twist in Who Shot Bill Mystery

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    For months we have watched The Bold and the Beautiful’s Taylor Hayes agonize over what she did to Bill.  She picked up a gun, in cold blood, and shot him in the back.  Sure, Taylor still seems to blame Bill for that, because he slept with her daughter, Steffy.  The consequences, for Steffy, have been significant.  She is now raising her daughter Kelly, alone, her marriage to Bill’s son, Liam, over.

    Taylor brainwashed!
    Spoilers hint that Taylor may have been brainwashed. Did she shoot Bill or not?

    Though Bill has agreed to keep quiet about knowing the identity of his shooter so Taylor won’t go to prison, Taylor hasn’t escaped without consequences either.  Brooke, and Hope, know it was Taylor who shot Bill and have decided she is too dangerous to be around her granddaughter Kelly.  This also is creating conflict between Hope, Liam and Steffy over raising Liam’s daughters in a blended family.

    New 2019 previews from Soap Opera Digest, however, suggest that the Who Shot Bill storyline is a long way from over.  Which means a twist or two is yet to unfold? Actress, Hunter Tylo, who portrays Taylor has also weighed in on Twitter.  She has planted the idea that Taylor was, and perhaps still is, being brainwashed!

    This would imply that Taylor may have picked up the gun and shot Bill in the back, but she wasn’t under control of her actions at the time.  The question which begs an answer is then, who’s control was, or is, Taylor under?

    It also means that Taylor shooting Bill wasn’t a one-time aberration, as Steffy has claimed in defense of her mother. If Taylor is still under the influence of an unknown brainwasher, she is even more dangerous than Hope and Brooke could imagine…

    Another possibility is that Taylor may not have done anything at all, and the real shooter is still at large. But if Taylor didn’t shoot Bill, who did?

    Who do you think is responsible for brainwashing Taylor?  Could it be one of the other suspects in Bill’s shooting?  And who did shoot Bill if Taylor didn’t?



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