The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : December 31, 2018 – January 4, 2019 – Get Me To The Birth On Time

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful December 31, 2018 – January 4, 2019:  Torn between the needs of his two families, Liam now races to get to the birth of his second daughter…

    Get me to the birth on time…

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    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Liam – Torn Between Two Families

    Liam gets a taste of his future as the father of two babies with a different mamma.  Liam’s intentions regarding his two children and families may be good, but this week he discovers the reality of juggling the responsibilities of two families.  Emergencies with children don’t schedule themselves neatly into non-conflicting timeslots like in the corporate world.

    Last week, Liam juggled leaving for Catalina Island with a very pregnant Hope with Kelly spiking a fever.  Hope was supportive of Liam going to be with his daughter at a doctor’s appointment and meeting her at the airport.  But then, Liam missed the flight thanks to the doctor’s schedule. And the next scheduled flight was grounded due  to bad weather grounding flights which also harbored boats making the crossing to Catalina.

    This week, Liam is left pacing the airport lounge waiting to get a flight to Catalina with only Matt and Kieran for company. They try to distract Liam, but his mind is on getting to Hope who’s water has broken.  Hope is in labor on Catalina Island.  Alone.  And Liam faces missing the birth of his second daughter as a result.

    Hope passes out during childbirth!

    Bill Spencer to the Rescue

    Thought Bill Spencer was never a big fan of Hope’s he is trying to redeem himself after going after his son’s wife.  When Liam turns to Bill to help him get to Hope, Bill pulls strings and gets the Spencer chopper airborne.  But Liam isn’t the only passenger winging his way over to Catalina.

    Brooke wants to be there for her daughter, and if Brooke is going so is Ridge.  Bill sets aside his feelings over Ridge and provides Brooke and Ridge passage to Catalina as well.

    What they find when then get there has been billed to change the lives of the Logan’s, Spencer’s and Forrester’s forever.

    Reese Faces Threats from All Sides

    Last week we learned that Reese Buckingham not only had accepted a shift at the clinic on Catalina Island (where Hope is due to go into labor alone) but that he has an overdue $200,000 gambling debt and has been hiding from those he owes.

    We also learned from his daughter, Zoe, as she opened up to Zander about her father, that Reese has a penchant for living beyond his means, then latching on to wealthy women to pay off his debts and support his lifestyle.  Just like Steffy’s Mom, Taylor.  Zoe suspects that like all the others, Reese is exaggerating his feelings for Taylor to lure her in.

    Unfortunately, for Reese, the thugs chasing the debt have caught up with him and they know about Zoe, his Forrester Creations model daughter.  They sure would hate it if someone was to get hurt they tell the medico.

    The threats continue, and spoilers also hint that Zoe could be in immediate danger as she heads out on the dark and stormy night to a meeting…

    What will Reese do?

    Between, Hope giving birth on Catalina alone, Reese working a shift at the Clinic where Hope will likely give birth, Reese needing to ingratiate himself with a new sugarmamma, and the hype surrounding the 8000th episode it’s safe to assume there will be some serious baby shenanigans that ensue.

    That Reese somehow manages to wipe out his gambling debt through he sale of Hope Logan’s baby isn’t too far outside of the realm of possibility for a soap opera.  And it would also change the balance of power in the Hope, Liam and Steffy triangle.  Of course, Reese doesn’t seem to be “all bad”  so perhaps he justifies what happens by arranging to get Taylor’s daughter Steffy what she so desperately wants.  A sister for Kelly.  That way Liam, who Taylor has no beef, with would still be part of his daughter’s life, though unbeknownst to him…

    That something shocking occurs is further supported by Liam, Ridge and Bill grilling the medico in anger once they do get to Catalina demanding to know what went down in Liam’s absence.

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