Weekly Recap: December 24 – 28, 2018 – Hope Goes Into Labor on Catalina – Alone!

Reese Admired Taylor’s “Assets”

Over a lunch date Reese had with Taylor, conversation turned to Steffy wanting to adopt a sister for Kelly.  Taylor wondered if the OBGYN had any advice.  He admitted the process was complicated and expensive – upward of $50,000.  Taylor claimed money was no object when it came to giving Steffy what she wanted.  Reese agreed a loaded grandma would be an advantage.  Later, as Taylor hurried to leave, she flashed proof of her wealth, a fistful of 50 dollar notes to pay the bill.  Reese admired Taylor’s “assets” but said it was his treat.  After Taylor left, Reese tried to leave without paying the bill, but the waitress caught him.  His credit card declined and he ended up paying the bill with his own fistful of cash – just smaller bills than Taylors. And he didn’t tip.  On his way out, Reese spotted someone he was clearly not happy to see.

Weekly Recap December 24 - 28 2018

Christmas Drama

Back at the Cliff house, Taylor confided in Steffy about her new romance.  When talk turned to Christmas Taylor worked out that Hope was making Steffy choose between spending Christmas with Kelly or Taylor.  Taylor told Steffy she would not pay the consequence for Taylor shooting Bill.  Steffy was going to the Forrester Christmas and celebrating her daughter’s first Christmas with Liam.

Hope and Liam’s Baby Gets a Name – Beth

At the cabin, Maya stopped in to see Liam and Hope who were delighted to see her but surprised Rick wasn’t with her.  Maya broke the news that she and Rick were getting a divorce.  Hope and Liam had a favor to ask of Maya.  They wanted a name honoring the Logan women for their daughter, in particular they, like Rick and Maya, wanted to name their daughter Elizabeth, but she would be known as Beth. Maya gave her blessing deciding it would give the cousins a unique bond.

The Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s celebrated Christmas setting aside differences for a day.

A Babymoon

At the cabin, Hope and Liam exchanged Christmas gifts.  She had just one more gift for Liam.  Knowing there wouldn’t be much travel for them for their first year with baby Beth, Hope had arranged a short vacation for them on Catalina Island – a baby moon.  Liam was initially hesitant given Hope’s due date was so close, but Hope told him that her doctor had blessed the trip.

Reese Threatened Over $200,000 Gambling Debt

Reese had breakfast with his daughter Zoe at Il Giordino.  Zoe was concerned about her father and wondered if he was in financial difficulties.  She also noted that he was seeing Steffy’s wealthy mother, Taylor.  Reese assured his daughter that everything was fine.

On his way out, Reese was cornered by a thug who was after him for an overdue $200,000 gambling debt.  The thug threatened both Reese and Zoe’s safety if his boss didn’t get his money.

Later, at Forrester Creations, Zoe confided in Xander that she was worried about her father. Reese had a gambling problem and had a habit of romancing wealthy women – like Steffy’s mother – to pay off his debts and support his lifestyle.  She hoped her father was making a new start in Los Angeles, just like they were.  Xander told Zoe he loved her.

Kelly Spikes a Fever

At the cliff house, Steffy took Kelly’s temperature and called the doctors office when the fussy baby’s had a slight fever.  Steffy called Liam when she was advised to bring Kelly into the doctors office.  Hope and Liam were about to head to the airport for their trip to Catalina.  Hope told Liam to go be with Kelly and meet him at the airport later.

Hope Goes Into Labor – Alone!

It turned out Kelly had a mild respiratory infection and would be fine.  But Liam had missed his flight to Catalina.  Hope had gone on ahead and Liam waited for his flight.  Liam was upset to learn that his flight had been cancelled due to high winds.  Hope was getting settled into the hotel when Liam called and gave Hope the bad news about his flight.  While on the phone, Hope had her first contraction, and her water broke.  Liam vowed to get to her as soon as he could.  Hope begged him to hurry, she couldn’t go through this alone….

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