Christmas 2018 Spoilers – The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Christmas Drama…

    Despite all the drama the Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s have been subjected to during 2018, there is also much to celebrate.  And is their habit during the holidays, the drama will be put on hold for one day to celebrate peace on earth and goodwill to men.

    Though Liam and Steffy’s marriage didn’t survive the tests it underwent at the hands of Liam’s father, Liam and Steffy have found a way to co-parent their new daughter, Kelly who will celebrate her first Christmas this year.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Christmas 2018

    Will Taylor Be Banished From Christmas?

    Who should be allowed to celebrate this Christmas with Kelly has been the source of much angst this year, with Steffy’s mom, Taylor back in Los Angeles and living with Steffy and her granddaughter.  Triggered by Brooke and Hope’s presence, Taylor’s mood has been volatile since returning to Los Angeles.  After witnessing Taylor verbally attack Hope for destroying Steffy’s marriage and family, Liam  told Hope that Taylor was responsible for shooting Bill Spencer.  Liam was concerned for Hope’s safety.  When Hope witnessed Taylor harassing Brooke over old wounds and hurts related to Ridge, Hope told Brooke about Taylor shooting Bill for the same reason as Liam told her.

    Brooke and Hope then decided that it wasn’t safe for Taylor to be around her grand daughter either. Last week the argument culminated with Hope telling Liam and Steffy that not only didn’t Hope think that Taylor should attend the family Christmas (because she was a danger to children) but that Hope wouldn’t have Taylor anywhere near her daughter once she was born either.

    Is Liam, Hope and Steffy’s Blended Family At Risk?

    With Steffy, Liam and Hope’s dream of raising Liam’s two daughters as a blended family seemingly in tatters, it wasn’t certain who would and wouldn’t be celebrating Kelly’s first Christmas with her.

    Video spoilers, however, show that Hope, Liam, Steffy and Kelly are all present at the Forrester mansion.  Taylor can’t be seen in the video but she is seen discussing Steffy’s secret Christmas wish with her – to have her family back together.  Steffy cannot hold back tears at the truth of her mother’s words.

    Christmas Carols and a Surprise Visitor

    Christmas Day sees a surprise visitor appear at the mansion.  Bridget, Brooke’s daughter with Eric, and sister to Rick, surprises her parents on Christmas Day, delighting them both.

    A Christmas Miracle

    The day is also fraught with drama of the culinary kind.  Something must go awry with Pam and Charlies careful meal preparation and planning as it is up to the Logan sisters, Donna, Brooke and Katie to save Christmas dinner.  When the do, Pam deems it a Christmas miracle.

    The real miracle, however, is that the Spencer’s, Logan’s and Forrester’s can set aside their differences for the day and express their many blessings with gratitude.

    Of course, come the 26th of December battle lines will be redrawn in the following days,  Hope and Liam’s baby girl is set to make a premature entry into the world…


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