A Memorial For Beth….

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 – Episode #8003

Another Threat for Reese

At home, Reese goes over the events of Beth’s birth in his mind.  He gets a text message.  He is out of time.  Pay up or Zoe gets hurt.

At Forrester Creations, Xander and Zoe get ready to go to the memorial.  When Xander asks if there will be a casket Zoe says they are having Beth cremated, and this is a memorial.

Zoe gets a call from her dad. She was thinking of coming over later.  But Reese is quick to tell her not to. Reese doesn’t feel it would be right for him to come to the memorial under the circumstances.  Zoe reminds her dad again that he did everything he could.

Steffy Feels Blessed

At the cliff house Steffy and Taylor admit they are hovering over Kelly.  The nanny will be there soon so that Taylor and Steffy can go to Eric’s.  Taylor is surprised Brooke invited her.  Tragedy puts things in perspective Steffy says.  They’ve had their differences with Hope and Brooke over the years, but they both feel terrible for their loss.

Steffy almost feels guilty for being so blessed to have Kelly. Steffy wonders what she will l say to Liam and Hope.

Memorial For Beth

At Eric’s, Hope isn’t sure she can do this. Brooke wishes she could take the pain away.  But what is best right now if for Hope to ba around family who loves her so much and wants to help see her through this.  Hope looks at the ultrasound picture and says she misses Beth so much.

Eric and Quinn ask if there anything else Hope and Liam need.  They are so deeply sorry.  Liam thanks them for opening up their home.  They are family, Eric says.

Katie gives Hope a dn Liam a card Will drew of beth as an angle in heaven. Wyatt and Sally arrive with Bill not far behind. They all hug Liam. Liam tells them it means a lot that they are all here. Wyatt tells his brother he means a lot to them.  You, Hope and Beth, Bills says.  She will always be a part of this family.

Maya reacts strangely when she overhears Liam and Hope talking about Rick coming back.

Ridge greets Steffy and Taylor. Steffy goes to see Liam and hope. Liam thanks Steffy and Taylor for coming.  Taylor is sorry.  Hope asks about Kelly’s fever. Steffy says she shouldn’t have called Liam that day.  She should have dealt with it on her own.  If she had, Liam would have been with Hope.  Steffy tells Hope she is there for her. Anything she needs.  She’s going to help Hope through this.

Taylor sends Hope the name of a colleague named Jeffrey.  Hope tells Brooke that she gave her the number of a support group that may be helpful and the number of a grief counselor.

Taylor gets a call from Reese. He would really like to see Taylor.  Taylor assures him that everyone knows he isn’t to blame for this tragic event.  Taylor will call him when she leaves.

Brooke thanks Taylor for reaching out to Hope. Taylor asks how Brooke is holding up and thanks her for inviting her today. Taylor understands its hard to see your child in so much pain. Brooke hopes inner strength and faith will pull her through.

Liam thanks everyone for being there for them and Beth. He wishes she could have met them all and experienced family and friends and how they are there for you when you need them.  Liam can’t go on.

Hope says the ultrasound is the one tangible thing she has of their daughter.  They were so excited to learn they were having a girl. She imagined what she would look like.  She couldn’t wait for her to be born.  She held her only briefly, but she was so beautiful.  She can’t believe this happened, because Hope still feels Beth’s presence all around her. Liam and I love you so much baby girl.  We will love and cherish you forever, Hope cries.

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