Adoption Day – Does Flo Have Second Thoughts?

Tuesday, January 29, 2018 – Episode #8017

Adoption Day

At the cliff house, Steffy is getting ready to bring home Kelly’s new sister, as long as nothing goes wrong

Taylor doesn’t think Flo will change her mind. She didn’t even name the baby.

Steffy wonders how Liam is going telling Hope.  She’s been through a lot. Taylor tells Steffy there will be some resentment, but Hope will get past it in time.

Steffy meets with Carter and they review documents.  Carter says they don’t have a birth certificate.  Taylor says she is handling the financial transaction.  Carter doesn’t need to know what it is just hat its being handled.

Adoption Day Carter Steffy

Hope is Happy for Steffy

At the cabin, Hope is on the phone.  She has one last OB appointment.  Hope thinks Steffy just brought up adoption because she was upset that Hope wanted distance between Taylor and her daughter.  Obviously, that isn’t an issue anymore.

Liam tells Hope Steffy still wants a sister for Kelly, and she thinks found one.  A girl Liam admits.  A sister that isn’t Beth Hope says.  Liam thinks they would have worked through the Taylor issue. Liam tells Hope the process is well underway.

Steffy knows how sensitive the timing is for them.  This child turned up out of nowhere, and just fit in a way it may never again.  She had to say yes or no now. Liam tells Hope that Steffy would have let it go if he told her it was too painful.  But you didn’t Hope says.  Liam asks if she would have wanted him to.

Its and independent adoption of a newborn.  Steffy fell in love with her right away.  Liam says she couldn’t not.  She’s the most perfect beautiful little girl.  Hope wonders if Steffy sent Liam a photo she wants to see.  Liam admits he met the baby.  He’s been trying to work out when and how to tell her.  Hope understands she hasn’t been easy to talk too, but she’s listening now.

Liam wasn’t prepared for how it would feel to hold a newborn so soon.  It was like there was a light coming from her.  He thought of Beth.  He’s holding a little miracle and suddenly the nightmare didn’t hurt so much anymore.  That made him realize he couldn’t be bitter towards other parents bringing children into the world.  Hope asks if Steffy is happy.  Doe she have a name Hope asks.  Phoebe Liam says.  Hope says that’s perfect.  She’s happy for Steffy.  What happened to her sister was awful and its like she’s giving Phoebe a second beginning.  Maybe this is gods way of providing a sister for Kelly, Hope says.

Liam tells Hope he loves her.

Will Flo Go Through With the Adoption?

Reese is online gambling when Flo comes in after changing the baby.  They discuss the baby sleeping in a cliff side house in Malibu.  Reese reminds Flo not to hand over the baby until Reese lets her know the account is settled.   Flo wonders how much he’s getting for selling the baby. Reese admits its $250,000 shocking Flo.  That’s what you owe Flo asks.

Flo is reviewing the papers.  Flo wonders how he go her a social security number.  Reese tells Flo that for her own protections she not know.  I’m going to be breaking the law Flo notes. Reese reminds her that they crossed that line a while ago.

Steffy isn’t going to question them.  They have all the proper documents. Zoe is in danger until they get the rest of the $200,000.  Flo thought he owed $250k.  Reese says the other 50k is for her.  He told her he would take care of her.

What about the real mother, Flo wonders, What does she get.  A lifetime to forget about the worst night of her life and mine.  He also knows she will have beautiful healthy children in the future.

Steffy and Carter arrive at Reese’s apartment.  Carter wonders if her attorney will be joining them.  Carter thinks he should call.  He reviews the documents that Carter has. Carter tells her to review the paperwork now. Since the father is unlisted, he has no parental rights.  They just need Florence’s signature.

Florence starts to cry.  Steffy says she’s sorry.  She keeps forgetting it’s a happy day for her but a sad one for Florence.  Steffy says if she needs time or changes her mind, she respects Florence’s decision.  Florence says she’s ready.  She takes the pen in her hand and hovers over the signature field.

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