Beth Didn’t Make It Liam Tells Hope

Friday, January 4, 2019 – Episode #8000


Bill and Ridge Reassure Brooke

Bill is frustrated that he can’t find transport for Brooke, Ridge and himself to Catalina.  He isn’t having much luck. Brooke muses that Hope may already have had her baby.  Brooke is pacing. She wonders why Hope isn’t texting back.  Ridge and Brooke remind her that Hope is in labor.  Brooke feels so helpless.

Bill notes that Liam isn’t responding to texts either.  Brooke sends one more text for Brooke to update her as soon as she is able. Can’t wait to meet Beth.  Now Brooke waits. Ridge tells her it will be fine. But Brooke wants to be there.  Her little girl is about to have her baby.

Ridge tells Brooke Hope will be a great mother. She learned from the best.

Bill gets a call.  Flights are back up.  They will be in Catalina within the hour.  He has a chopper on the way.  Ridge thanks Bill for doing this.

Hope Regains Consciousness Having Given Birth

Hope regains consciousness but is woozy.  She calls fro the doctor.  Liam enters. You made it, Hope says.  Finally, Liam says.  Hope is glad he’s here.  And Beth she asks?  I had the baby.

You did, Liam says.  Hope says she didn’t see her.  She passed out.  Liam got there a few minutes after.  Liam tells her she was so brave.  Dr Buckingham filled him in. Hope says it the scariest thing she ever did, but none of that matters because Beth is here.  They have their daughter. Liam squeezes Hope’s hand.

The last think Hope remembers was pushing so hard, then darkness.  Liam tells her she did great.  Hope asks if he’s seen her.  Briefly Liam says, he came to see her after talking to the doctor.  Hope can’t believe they are finally parents. Hope wonders if Beth looks like her or him.  Liam says that she looks like an angle.  Hope wonders where Beth is.  She wants to see their little girl.

Liam asked the doctor for a few minutes alone with Hope.  Hope thinks he is giving her their “babymoon”. Hope says they are so lucky, after all they went through.  They overcame all of it and found their way back to each other.  Hope tells Liam she came up with a middle name.  Avalon for the city she was born in Hope suggests.

Liam thinks it is lovely;  Elizabeth Avalon Spencer.

She’s here: a living breathing version of us.  Hope wants to see Beth.  She wants to hold her baby. Liam has tears in his eyes as Hope says she’s ready to meet their daughter.

Liam just wants to enjoy the glow she has.  Liam need to say this, and needs her to hear how proud he is of her.  She was so brave and strong. Don’t minimize what you just did, Liam says.  She should celebrate it and remember it and they are in this together and there is nothing they can’t do, side by side.

They need to step up for each other, Liam says. Hope asks Liam to tell her about beth.  He says that she’s beautiful.  Hope is surprised that she doesn’t hear her. Is she sleeping?  Hope asks again to see her daughter.  When Liam doesn’t respond, Hope gets scared.  What’s wrong?  Hope starts to panic. Hope cries she needs to see Beth.  Hope tries to get out of bed.  Liam tells her she has to recover right now.

She didn’t make it, Liam tells Hope. No Hope says, she’s fine.  Hope needs to see her daughter, she’s fine.  Liam will bring Beth to her, but she needs to be prepared.  She’s alive Hope says.  She didn’t carry her and lover her all this time for her not to.  Hope yells out for Dr Buckingham.  She needs to see her baby.  Reese enters with a baby wrapped in a hospital blanket.

She needs her mommy, Hope cries.  Reese passed Hope the infant.

It was a placental abruption, Reese explains.  He did everything he could.  Reese leaves and Hope wails holding her baby.  Liam holds his wife.

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