Hope and Liam Go Home | Reese Will Have The Money In A Week

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 – Episode #8002

Steffy and Taylor Hear the News About Beth

Taylor and Steffy wonder if Hope has had the baby yet. She hopes Hope isn’t having a difficult labor.  It will all be forgotten when they bring that baby home, Taylor assures her daughter. Steffy says it’s starting to feel real. One big happy family.  A baby can heal many things Taylor agrees.

Ridge arrives. Steffy asks if he’s talked to Liam. She hopes he got in before the wind kicked in.  Nope, says Ridge, none of them did. Steffy asks if Hope was alone.  Ridge says she was.  For most of it.  Is Hope okay Steffy asks concerned.  Ridge says that Hope will be okay eventually, he thinks.  Taylor asks if the baby is alright.  And Steffy says Oh my god.  Ridge tells them the bay’s name was Beth.  She didn’t make it.

Steffy cries and Taylor is shocked. Steffy wants to go see Hope, but Ridge says he’s sure that Hope would love to see her, but not today.  Ridge spends some time with Kelly then heads home.  Taylor tells Ridge that Hope and Brooke are in her prayers.

Steffy tells Kelly that it is hard to lose a sister.  Her dad is going to be so broken hearted.

Hope and Liam Return Home

Brooke brings Liam and Hope home to the cabin.  It still has all the baby gifts in the cabin.  Hope offers to take them away.  Hope says its not wrong to remember how excited they were. But it is sad, Liam counters.

Liam thinks he should take some of the baby things away. Brooke brings Hope tea, as Liam begins to gather the baby things.  Hope doesn’t want them thrown away.  Liam promises they will be here for her to look at.  Brooke offers to call the rest of the family and to give her a couple of days.  Brooke leaves to go make dinner.

Alone Liam asks if she wants one of the pain pills Dr Buckingham prescribed.  Hope can still feel her. Maybe their daughter was too good for this world Hope supposes.

Liam can’t believe that everything happens for a reason in this case.  Why, Hope wants to know.  Liam doesn’t know.  Maybe she just couldn’t stay.  Nest time…Hope stops him.  She can’t hear that right now.  But Liam tells Hope that she can’t be afraid of that.  They will have a family, but it doesn’t mean they will forget Beth.  She will always be there fist born.

Ridge and Brooke Grieve

Ridge tells Brooke he told Steffy and Taylor the news. They send their prayers.  Brooke can’t statnd that Hope is blaming herself for this.  It wasn’t her fault.  Its nobody’s fault Ridge agrees.  She’s young and strong, in a little while they may be able to try again.

You just plan so much around a child.  Even before she’s born. Try to figure out their life, and now its just empty.  Ridge asks what he can do.  Just hold me, Brooke asks.

Reese Will Have the $200,000 – In a Week

Zoe comforts her father.  There is nothing he could have done from what she’s heard from the Forrester’s.. Everytime Reese closes his eyes he relives the worst night of his life he tells his daughter.

He was by hislef in the dark.  What went wrong for the baby happened before deliviery inside of Hope.  So, what do you think you could have done Zoe asks.  If he couldn’t save that  child, no one could.

Zoe asks if someone is threatening him.  A malpractice suit, Zoe reiterates.

Conversation turns to her and Xander moving in. He doesn’t want her alone in this strange city.  Reese leaves to go home and shower. He just wanted to see her and tell her how much he loves her. Zoe asks her dad is she wants to come stay with her for a few days.

Outside Forrester Creations the thug corners Reese.  Stay away from my daughter Reese warns.  The thug reminds Reese that he makes the rules.  His boss will get what he wants.  In a week, maybe less, but they have to leave Zoe out of this.

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