Hope and Liam’s Touching Words For Their Daughter, Beth

Monday, January 7, 2019 – Episode #8001

Brooke, Ridge and Bill Arrive in Catalina

Hope and Liam grieve.  Hope wonders when the memory of how Beth looks with face.  Did she have blonde hair?  Was the birthmark on her left or right leg.  Left Liam whispers.  They know that today.

Brooke, Ridge and Bill rush in.  Brooke asks where they are hiding their beautiful granddaughter.  Hope asks to talk to her mom alone and Brooke asks if everything is okay.  Liam takes Bill and Ridge to fill them in outside.

Is it Beth okay,  Brooke asks?  She’s gone, Hope whispers.  No, Brooke says.  Hope and Brooke hug while they cry.  Hope wails in her mother’s arms.

Hope tries to remember what Reese said happened. She couldn’t process what he was saying because it was so silent.  Newborns are supposed to cry.

Brooke wishes she’d been here for her.  Liam was here, Hope says.  He told her. Hope admits she passed out – wasn’t awake when it happened.  She tried so hard…she had one job to do, and she failed hope cries blaming herself. IF she’d been awake she could have done something.

Brooke tells her she couldn’t have prevented it.  If it was placental abruption there was nothing she could have done.

Hope waited months to see her and love her, how can she not blame herself. Why Beth, Hope cries.  Why my baby. Brooke holds her daughter.

Hope almost wishes now that she’d lost Beth early in the pregnancy when she was cramping.  Maybe naming her was the mistake Hope wonders.  Brooke assures her daughter she did nothing wrong.  Hope thinks she must have.  Hours ago she was alive inside of her, but she couldn’t do the one thing Beth needed of her.  To deliver her safely into the world.  She failed her daughter and Liam.  She should have stayed in Los Angeles instead of coming on this babymoon.

Hope says she was beautiful, she got to hold her, but Beth will never know how much she loves her.  Brooke tells Hope she will.  She’s not alone.

What Happened to my Little Girl?

Ridge asks Liam where his daughter is.  Hope did everything she could, Liam sys.  Bill grabs Liam and hugs him as he cries.

Later, Liam asks why this would happen to Hope.  She radiates goodness.  She is meant to be a mother.  Ridge says she will be one day.  But why not Beth.  There needs to be reason and meaning to this.  Bill says if there is any meaning to find, stay by your wife’s side.  Let it bring you closer.

Reese comes in and brings Liam paperwork to sign.  Liam turns on Reese and asks him why.  What happened to his little girl in there?

Bill tells Reese that his son deserves an answer.

The placenta detached from the womb.  She didn’t get the nutrients and oxygen she needed.  Liam wants to know if something caused it in case they try again. There are ways to reduce the risks, however, and Hope’s OBGYN will review that with them when the time comes.

Reese says he’s sorry.  He’s a father himself and cant begin to imagine the pain Liam is in.  Reese leaves.

Hope and Liam Farewell Beth

Liam comes in with Ridge and Bill.  Liam says they are all in this together.  Hope is surrounded by family.  Hope just wants to go home. Moving forward is not going to be easy for either of them, Liam tells his wife.  They will lean on each other and their family and they will get through it,  They have built a world in their minds that included Beth.  It turns out Beth isn’t coming home, but they are.  Life moves on.  One life isn’t, Hope says.  Liam wants to talk to his daughter.  They join hands.

Liam starts:

Beth, I’m your dad, and this is your mom.  You’re not with us anymore physically, but your still with us in a way.  We wanted so much more of you, we can learn to be okay with what you were able to give us. You are so loved by everyone in this room and you will be in our hearts forever my sweet angel.

Hope continues:

I know you are there watching, I’m so sorry that you couldn’t stay here with us.  Not a day will go by without me thinking of you.  I feel your spirit its so strong.  I feel as if you are still here as if you’re in my arms.  You were a part of me and always will be.  I can’t touch you anymore, but I can still tell you every day that I love you. Mommy loves you.

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