The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Hope Gives Birth During Perfect Storm

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    A babymoon to Catalina Island seemed like a good idea.  Though Liam had his doubts about travelling so late in Hope’s pregnancy, Hope convinced him telling her husband that her doctor had blessed the trip.

    From the outset, things went wrong, however.  First there was baby Kelly developing a fever that saw Liam accompany Steffy and Kelly to the doctor.  That detour separated Hope and Liam with Hope taking an earlier flight and Liam stuck in Los Angeles, all helicopter flights grounded during high winds.

    While discussing the turn of events with Hope on the phone, Hope’s water broke and contractions began.  Baby Beth was on the way as the wind outside Hope’s hotel room blew a gale.

    Reese Delivers Hopes Baby

    Unbeknownst to Hope and Liam, their babymoon and Hope’s early labor also put them on a collision course with an OBGYN with serious financial problems.  Dr Reese Buckingham had accepted a shift at the clinic on Catalina where Hope was going into Labor.  He’d used the shift as an excuse to get away from the thug chasing him for a $200,000 gambling debt.  He had to earn money to pay it back, the scared doctor reasoned.  Reese was warned to deliver the money, soon, or someone was going to get hurt.  And the thug made sure Reese understood that it wasn’t just his safety under threat but that of his daughter, Zoe, also.

    Just released spoiler video shows that Hope does end up in heavy labor at the clinic where Reese is working a shift.  The weather worsens to the point that the clinic is plunged into darkness as the electricity goes out.  Hope is panicked.  With the painful memory of losing another child in her mind Hope can’t believe this is happening. Reese calmly tells his panicked patient that whatever happens they will get through this together.

    But Reese must just be seeing dollar signs.  With the imminent threat to his and Zoe’s safety, Reese’s concern is on his situation, not Hope’s.  Reese can’t be feeling much connection or empathy for Hope either, since Taylor has filled Reese in on her painful past with Brooke, as she relives it through her daughter Steffy.  Thanks to Taylor, Reese knows Steffy wants to adopt a sister for her baby Kelly, that money is no object to Taylor in making that happen, and that the baby Hope is about to deliver is Kelly’s half-sister.

    Back in Los Angeles, Liam needs to get to his wife.  With the commercial helicopter grounding flights, a panicked Liam calls on the only person he knows that can make the impossible happen.  His father, Bill Spencer. Bill is surprised to learn that Hope is in labor.  As are Brooke and Ridge.  Brooke’s first concern is that its too soon for Hope to give birth and that too much can go wrong.

    Bill comes through for his son, but even Dollar Bill Spencer can’t change the weather.  Even Bill’s pilot must wait for a break in the weather.  In a situation where seconds count, Liam tells the pilot they have to go.

    Spoilers for the week on January 7, 2019 tell us that Liam, Bill, Ridge and Brooke do make it to Catalina to be with Hope, but thanks to whatever happened during baby Beth’s birth, Reese finds himself in the hotseat with Bill and Ridge demanding answers and an explanation from the medico.

    Reese may solve his immediate gambling debt but faking baby Beth’s death, but he doesn’t realize what it means to be on Bill Spencer’s bad side.  Especially, when you’ve messed with his family with whom Bill is so desperately seeking redemption…


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