Hope Gives Birth During Power Outage; Liam Races to Get to Catalina

Hope is in Labor

Hope tells Liam that she’s had a contraction.  Please hurry she asks him.  Its too soon. Liam tells Hope he will find a way to get there.  She won’t go through this alone.  Hope asks him to be careful.

Liam tells Hope to get help from the front desk at the hotel.  Tell them she’s in labor and needs to get to a doctor asap.  Liam tell her it will be fine.  He loves her.  He loves both of them.  Hope says “we love you too.”

Liam talks to the helicopter company.  His wife is in labor.  But they can’t do anything, Matt and Kieran asks if there is anything they can do for him while gossiping about his love life.

Liam tries to get a boat, but they aren’t going out either because the surf is too dangerous because of the winds.  An anxious and scared Liam appeals to the front desk staff at the helicopter charter company, but there is nothing they can do.

Hope arrives at the Clinic Staffed By Reese Buckingham

Hope gets help from the hotel staff to get her to the clinic. Hopefully the winds will calm down soon and her husband can take off and be with her soon the woman soothes as they leave the room.  Hope and the front desk lady arrives at the clinic.  Reese greets them.  The hotel lady has to go.  She leaves Hope with Reese. He introduces himself when Hope explains who she is. She explains Liam is stuck in Long Beach because of the winds.  Hope has another contraction.

Reese promises to take good care of Hope and her baby.  He gets her settled.  He tells her that they are a small clinic and he is the only one there.  His nurse is stuck on the other side of the island.  Reese explains that she is in good hands. Reese leaves to check on his other patient.  Hope tries to contact Liam, but  has no cell service and her text doesn’t sent either.

Reese sees a young woman patient out of the clinic.  He tells her that she knows it wasn’t her fault.  He tells her to be careful out there.

He goes back to see Hope.  He tries to settle her and comfort her.  He sees her through another contraction. The lights go out.  Reese says the backup power generator will be up in a  minute.  The medical equipment comes back up but the lights are out.

Outside Hope’s room, Reese makes a call – he needs someone down there stat.  Another patient checked in and she’s in labor.

Liam Calls Bill For Help

Wyatt arrives at Bills office and Spencer discussing the wind. He’s struggles seeing Bill without his sword.  Bill says he doesn’t need a sword.  He’s a lover not a fighter.  He’d determined to reinvent himself and be a worth father to Wyatt, Liam and Will.

Bill gets a call from Will and messes with him.  Wyatt smiles. Will got straight A’s on his report card again. They discuss what Wyatt and Liam were like in high school.  Wyatt was chasing girls and they speculate that Liam was a hall monitor. Seriously Wyatt is proud of his brother.  He’s a good role model for his daughters.

Bill gets a call from Liam. Liam explains where he is and that he needs his help getting to Catalina.  Bill asks why Catalina.  Hope is there and she’s in labor, Liam explains. He has to be there with her.  Liam asks if there is any way the Spencer helicopter can come get him and take him to Catalina Liam asks.  Bill tells him he will get on it right away.  He will be there for the birth of his daughter.  Bill returns Liams call and tells him the pilot just finished refueling and is on his way.  Nathan is a very experience pilot and will get him to Catalina safely, Bill tells his son.  Liam thanks him for coming through for him.  Bill can’t wait to meet his new granddaughter.

Liam calls Hope, who is glad to hear from him. She tells him the power went out.  Liam says he will be there soon.  His dad is sending the Spencer helicopter.  Hope cries she is scared. This shouldn’t be happening so soon.  Hope begs him to hurry.  She needs him.


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