Hope Passes Out! Emergency Delivery? Liam Flies Through the Storm

Thursday, January 3, 2019 – Episode #7999


Zoe at Risk

Zoe is photographed by the thug as she heads out that night.

Bill Comes Through

Bill calls Brooke and tells her that Liam’s helicopter is grounded and Hope is in labor.  Ridge is at the office and overhears. Brooke wants to go to Hope. Bill tells her the Spencer helicopter is on the way to get Liam to Hope.  There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his son and their granddaughter.

After talking to Hope Brooke is worried about Hope going through labor in these conditions.  Ridge tries to comfort her, but Brooke thinks that the whole thing screams disaster…and after her first pregnancy…Brooke is terrified.  Ridge tells Brooke to be positive. They should be there with her Brooke states. Ridge assures Brooke that if anyone can get Liam there its Bill Spencer.  Brooke wants to be on that helicopter.

Bill arrives at Forrester Creations.  The wind is only supposed to get worse through the night.  Brooke is panicked.  Liam needs to get there. Hope is isolated.  Bill promises Brooke that he will get Liam to Hope.  Bill and Ridge tells Brooke

Zoe and Xander arrive to tell Brooke that Hope is in labor.  Oe assures Brooke that her father is a phenomenal doctor.  Bill keeps trying to find a way to get them to Catalina.  He gets a text saying that Liam is on his way.

Liam Flies Through the Storm

Liam waits for the Spencer helicopter at the Long beach terminal with Matt and Kieran supposing it must be nice to have a chopper at his disposal

Nathan arrives.  It’s going to be a rough ride but they have a small window at the edge of their limits.  Matt and Kieran decide not to hitch a ride.  Liam leaves with the pilot.

On the chopper, Liam is keen to get underway.

Reese Gets A Threat Against Zoe

Reese gets a text message.  Beautiful girl.  Is her life worth $200,000 it reads with a photo of Zoe.  Reese steps out and calls Zoe.  He is relieved when she answers the phone. He tells Zoe that as imperfect as he is, she means the world to him.  Zoe asks if he is in trouble.  He describes the situation.  He’s about to deliver the baby of someone she works with.  Zoe realizes that its Hope, but he can neither confirm nor deny.

Reese calls the thug.  He will get his damned money, just leave his daughter alone Reese yells.  She has nothing to do with this.  She does now, the thug states and hangs up on Reese.

Hope Delivers

As the storm rages outside Hope’s labor progresses. This can’t be happening Hope says between contractions.  It’s too soon.  Reese says her baby disagrees. Whatever happens they will get through this Reese promises.  Hope cries that she needs her husband.  She thanks Reese for being there. He tells Hope that they have a connection.  He is Zoe Buckingham’s father. Hp[e gets a call from brooke. Hope admits to her mom that she is scared.  There is a doctor with her and he’s Zoe’s father.  Hope realizes that Brooke knows him.  Hope is nervous because she doesn’t know him.  Brooke tells her that Liam will be there soon. Brooke promises she and Ridge will also be there as soon as they can. Be strong, she tells her daughter.

Hope tells Reese she never would have come here if she knew this was possible.  She should have done something at home.

Hope tells  Reese that Liam is on the way.  Hope notes that Reese seems distracted. He tells her that he is focused on her and bringing her baby into he world.  Her name is Beth, Hope says as she has another contraction.

Reese needs Hope to push. Hope is exhausted.  Reese tells her to push.  The medical monitors alerts go off. Reese begs Hope to stay with him, but she passes out.

Meanwhile Liam is on a bumpy chopper ride to the island.

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