The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : January 14 – 18, 2019 – Families Bond and Grow

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful January 14 – 18, 2019: 

    Still reeling from Hope and Liam’s tragic loss, the Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s are reminded how precious life is and find comfort in spending time with their families…Inevitably, that leaves some feeling on the outside….

    Families Unite and Grow

    Reese Coordinates an Adoption

    Cliffhanger Friday saw Taylor rebuff what she thought was a romantic advance by Reese,  Taylor told him that she wasn’t ready for a relationship at this time in her life. Reese told Taylor he understood that.   Reese had something else for Taylor, and he quickly left the room to show her what he meant.  Reese returned holding a newborn baby in his arms.  Taylor was stunned and asked Reese where he got the baby from.  When he didn’t answer, she asked him again.

    Of course, with February sweeps around the corner, fans know where Reese got the baby.  It’s baby Beth. And the reason Reese is showing Taylor the baby is because he needs $200,000.  And Taylor has money.  Plenty of it, to buy Steffy the sister she so desperately wants for Kelly.

    This week sees Reese move forward with his plan to pay off his gambling debt by selling Beth, his black market baby.  Someone from Reese’s past, named Florence, comes to town at Reese’s request.  Reese has promised to pay his $200,000 gambling debt but since he hasn’t actually delivered the cash yet, the threats to Zoe keep coming.

    Who is Florence?  Turns out she is a pal of Reese’s with adoption experience.  And Reese has a considerable favor to ask of her.

    Taylor unknowingly finds herself getting more involved in Reese’s schemes when she meets Florence.

    Steffy Goes Ahead with Adoption?

    Through Kelly losing her half-sister, Beth, Steffy is feeling the loss of her own Twin, Phoebe even more than usual.  Steffy becomes determined that she will move forward with giving Kelly a sister, through adoption.

    Conveniently, Taylor has just met, Florence, Reese’s colleague with experience in the adoption field.  Taylor tells Steffy about the new contact and presents Steffy with the opportunity she has been looking for.  Steffy is convinced that this is how things are meant to be and wants to proceed with Taylor’s plan.

    Florence is impressed by Steffy when they meet.

    Liam and Hope Continue to Grieve

    Hope and Liam grieve the loss of their baby, Beth.  While Hope still feels Beth’s presence all around her, Beth’s physical absence has left her with a huge emptiness that her precious baby once filled.  She has nothing to fill that emptiness or funnel the love she has for Beth.  Hope knows it sounds crazy, but part of her thinks Beth isn’t gone, she tells Brooke.  Hope may not be as crazy as she feels, however…

    Though Kelly will never fill the void that Beth has left in his life, Liam does find himself spending more time with Kelly, reminded how precious his daughter is. He vows to always be there for Steffy and Kelly.

    Wyatt and Sally provide support for Liam and Hope.  Hope and Wyatt share a memory from their time together (presumably the loss of their baby gets a mention) and Sally has a special gift for Hope.  Is it a puppy?

    Thorne Feels Left Out

    With Bill and his son, Will, bonding over Will’s talent for turning a profit, Katie is impressed with Bill’s commitment to spend time with his son.  To foster their relationship, Katie wants Bill to stay for dinner.  Thorne begins to feel left out as the three of them operate as a family unit.   Will asking his mother if she still loves Bill doesn’t help either.

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