Liam Wants to Spend More Time with Kelly

Thursday, January 10, 2019 – Episode #8004

Beth’s Memorial Continued

At the memorial Sally asks Wyatt if he’s okay.  He lost his niece.  He gets to feel his own pain, Sally says.

Katie wishes they could do something to make this better.  Donna tells Brooke they are here for Brooke too.  She lost her granddaughter.  The logan sisters hug

Liam tells Hope that they can go if they want.  Steffy asks if she dcan get Hope anything.  Anything she needs, Steffy tells her, I’m here.  Even if its just to get out of the house and take a walk on the beach.  Hope tells Steffy she may take her up on that.  They hug.

Maya, Zoe and Xander discuss how anyone comes back from something like this. Zoe passes on her father’s condolensces to Brooke.  Brooke appreciates that but like Hope she doesn’t fully understand what happened that night.  She would like to have a conversations with Reese.

Taylor and Steffy discuss Hope’s pain.  Taylor says no parent should have to lose a child, no matter at what age.  Taylor is grateful for her Thomas and Kelly.

Steffy asks Liam if he needs anything. Liam asks her to take care of Kelly.  Make usre  nothing happens to their baby.  Liam says he may want to see her a little more.  Steffy is accommodating.  He doesn’t know what he is going to do about Beth.  Steffy hugs him.  Liam says he was blindsided. He only saw one outcome.  Hope goes in labor, they call dr Philips and he drives Hope to the hospital, the big moment, Beth is born , healthy and strong.  And this?  He never calculated for this?  Was he stupid or arrogant.

Steffy tells him that one day when he’s healed some he will be grateful for the memories he has with Beth.  No matter how short.

Zoe tells Xander she feels like she has to keep defending her dad.  This isn’t he first still birth her father has had to deal with, but he’s taking this one really hard.

Reese gets a call from Taylor. He arranges for Taylor to come to his apartment.

Hope tells her aunts that she feels so empty.  For months she had Beth growing inside of her.  Now there is nothing. Donna, Katie and Brooke tell Hope it will be a challenging time, but they will help her through this.  Taylor stops by to say goodbye.  She tells Hope to call her if she needs anything.  Brooke walks Taylor out.  She thanks Taylor for being there.  Taylor was touched to be included.  This loss for her family is unspeakable Taylor says and hugs Brooke.  She’s sorry.

Liam talks to Wyatt, who loves him and is there for him.  If he and Hope needs anything. Sally says come over when they are ready.  They can talk, or not.

Hope tells Maya their daughters were supposed to share a name.  They still do, Maya says.  Hope cries and apologizes.  Maya tells her she gets to cry and scream whatever she needs.  Hope and Liam hug.

Later after everyone leaves, Liam thanks Brooke for pulling this together.  It helped for Liam at least. Hope agrees, all they can do is find strength in family.  Hope had been dreading today, but everytone being here and being surrounding by their love and support did help. But she’s going to need their strength for a long time.  I miss Beth, Hope cries.  She never wants to forget her. I wanted to know her so badly. Its unthinkable losing a child that fast, but she’s still here.  Not physically. They will grieve and heal, and they will start a family, and Beth will be part of that.  But she’s supposed to be here, Hope says. Why did they have to lose their baby girl, Hope cries.

Taylor is There For Reese

Reese gets a call from Taylor. He arranges for Taylor to come to his apartment.

At home, Reese  is online gambling when there is a knock on the door. It’s Taylor. They quickly discuss the memorial at the Forresters, before Taylor asks how Reese is coping.  Reese says no one should be worried about him. But Taylor does.  She knows he’s still struggling with what happened that night on Catalina.

Taylor says she can see he’s been through a lot.  No staff, no power, unexpected medical conditions.  You did the best you could.  Taylor cares.  Reese says the feeling is mutual, that is why he asked her to come.  What happened had a profound effect on him in ways he doesn’t yet understand.  That little girl was so wanted. Beth was going to be welcomed by two parents already crazy in love with her.

Taylor says Reese has a friend in her.  She’s there for him.  Taylor hugs Reese.

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