Meant To Be Kelly’s Sister

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 – Episode #8007

Reese Gambles Big and Plays His Hand

Taylor tells Reese he’s given her a lot to think about.  Florence won’t feel good until she knows her baby has a good home.  Taylor will talk with Steffy but isn’t sure she is ready.  Reese says the big things in life don’t wait until you’re ready.

Reese goes to put the baby down and Taylor asks Florence how she came to find Reese.  Florence wanted her baby in a good home as soon as possible so the agency put her in touch with Dr Buckingham to organize a private adoption.  Taylor leaves to talk to Steffy.

Meant to be Kelly's sister
From the moment Taylor first saw the baby she knew the baby was meant to be Kelly’s sister…good intuition, wrong interpretation

When Taylor is gone Florence asked Reese how she did.  He wishes she’d said less because the more detail the more there is to remember and potentially get wrong.  Reese admits she pulled it off, however, and he owes her.

Florence checks her phone for shifts at the Casino.  They’ve been weird about her taking time off.

Reese tells Flo she couldn’t do this without her.  Finding the baby a new home. Flo thinks they should go on a trip once his little roommate has a new home.  Maybe San Diego or Catalina

Reese isn’t going back to Catalina.  He worked at a clinic there and it didn’t end well. He had to make a quick decision.  Take a big gable.

Reese appreciates that Flo came when he called.  Not everyone does that.  There is some money in it for her when he’s done. Flo wonders about the details like birth certificates and social security numbers. But Reese has that covered.  The less she knows the better. Flo asks Reese if he’s in trouble.

He’s in a city he doesn’t live in, with a baby that isn’t his and he has no travelling papers to go with the baby. And he seems stressed, Flo reasons. There isn’t much Flo wouldn’t do for him, but maybe it is time to return little baby nameless to wherever he got her from.

Reese says the stress is related to Zoe, not the baby.

Reese gets a call. He gets another threat about the money.  They are nearly at Zoe’s front door the thug says when Reese says he needs another couple of days.

While Flo is with the baby, reese calls Taylor

Zoe Worries About Her Dad

Xander and Zoe discuss their relationship. Xander thinks he understands what went wrong between them in London since she has confided in him about her father.  He doesn’t want to oversimplify but thinks Zoe has abandonment issues. She doesn’t disagree.

Zoe is worried about her father. She hopes he’s not in trouble.  Zoe thinks he may need money and wants to give her dad some.  Xander tells her she is falling in love with her all over again.

Meant to be Kelly’s Sister

Taylor gets home and tells Steffy she met a woman who is giving up her little girl for adoption. Taylor thinks Steffy should meet her too.  It would be a private adoption and Taylor’s colleague has experience facilitating these types of adoptions.   The mother wants the baby adopted quickly so the baby forms proper attachments.

Right there in front of them is the opportunity to give Kelly a sister, like Steffy wanted. Steffy wonders if she is ready.  Taylor knows another infant is enough.  Of course, she can do it Steffy says but the timing…but Liam did bring up adoption and isn’t opposed to it. If this worked out Taylor says, you could give Kelly the sister you wanted for her.

Taylor gets a call from Reese.  Taylor tells him that she is talking to Steffy now.   Reese reminds her, no names since his daughter works for hers.  Taylor thinks they need time.  Reese says this baby will place quickly.  Taylor understands that the mother may have other options. Reese just had a feeling that baby belongs with Steffy.

Tyalor hangs up and they discuss the speed at which this private adoption could take place. Taylor knows Steffy wants to do this because of Phoee.  Taylor will never get over losing her.  Steffy wants Kelly to have the same lifelong bond she  had with Phoebe.  Steffy says that if she were to adopt her she has a name picked out.  Phoebe.

Taylor tells Steffy that the minute she looked at the baby, it was like she was meant to be Kelly’s sister.

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