Hope Doesn’t Believe Beth Is Gone | Meanwhile Reese Presents Taylor With A Newborn…

Friday, January 11, 2019 Episode # 8005

Brooke Lets Bill Know Where She Stands

Bill gets back to the mansion after taking some food down to the cabin.  Bill thanks Brooke for putting the memorial together. They discuss the healing Liam and Hope have to do.  They all agree they just have to be there for them.  Ridge says the memorial was important and necessary, but now the three of them need to do something equally as necessary.  Healing the three of them. They need to be on the same page so they can guide their family through this.

Brooke is my wife til death do us part, Ridge tells Bill.  And that is how it’s going to be.

Bill wonders how this has anything to do with their kids going through the worst thing in their life.  Brooke agrees.  Fridge doesn’t know who Bill is without the necklace.  Ridge doesn’t buy Bill “changing”. He thinks it’s a ploy to get Brooke away from him.

Brooke says that she hasn’t been thrilled with some of Ridges choices lately, but their marriage is going to last.   Let’s focus on our kids, our granddaughter.  But before they can do that, Bill has to respect their marriage, Ridge says.  He then asks if Bill can do that.

Brooke thinks that Bill is changing and committed to becoming better.  But he needs to do that for himself and his sons, not Brooke. Brooke will always care about him as much as ridge doesn’t like it.  Brooke suggests they try to get along for their shared granddaughter, Kelly.  They need to think about their children.  They need to come first. Bill understands.  He hears her loud and clear.  Bill takes his jacket and leaves.

Ridge hopes that Bill means it.  Brooke suggests that Ridge give Bill a chance.

Reese Has A Baby

Taylor tells Reese that he needs to open up and let it out.  Tell her exactly what happened.  That is exactly what I want to do, Reese says.

He remembers every detail. Reliving it will be difficult but it will help you move forward, Taylor advises.  Reese says he did everything he could.  He thought he had it all handled.  But it happened so fast. Tell me what happened.  Tell me everything that happened that night, Taylor coaxes.

What happened that night is what every doctor fears the most.  You feel helpless, yet its his job to help – deliver healthy babies.  There were signs and omens all over that day,  Winds were angry, short staffed, blackout.  She came into the clinic in full on labor.  We had to deliver.  It should have been routine

Things began to spiral The placenta detached from the uterus.  That beautiful girl wasn’t getting oxygen in the womb.  Reese tried to get her breathing again, but she was already gone.  The who situation was out of control.  Taylor ‘s heart breaks for Hope.  She can’t imagine how heartbreaking it was to let her baby go.  Taylor urges Reese to keep getting help with this.

Reese hopes his vulnerability isn’t too much for Taylor.  He needs someone to confide in. He will carry the guilt of this loss with him for the rest of his life, but there is another reason hea sked her here.  He wants to show Taylor just how much he cares about her.

Taylor thinks Reese is sweet and she’s flattered, but she isn’t ready for a relationship at this stage in her life.  Reese understands, but that isn’t why he brought her here.  Reese disappears into the other room.  He returns.  This is why I asked you to come.  Reese reenters holding a baby.  Where did this baby come from Taylor wants to know

Hope Doesn’t Think Beth is Gone

Brooke visits Hope at the cabin.  Hope asks how she does this.  How does she go on without her baby? Hope can’t sleep.  Brooke tells her to be gently with herself.  They discuss the memorial.  Brooke says her friends and family want to be there for her. Hope heeds to lean on them and particularly her.

Hope says she only got to hold her for a minute and she was already gone.  She never wants forget the memory of holding her. The precious little girl she carried inside her.  And that was it.  Then she was gone.  The ultrasound is the only thing she has left of Beth.  Why did she have to lose her, Hope cries.  Brooke doesn’t know why,  It should have happened to her.  Hope will never believe that Beth wasn’t meant to be.  She’s supposed to be here.  Hope is supposed to be holding her now. Hope says that a part of her feels like Beth isn’t gone. Hope knows it sounds crazy.  Brooke holds her daughter and tells her how sorry she is.

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