Steffy Meets Beth/Phoebe

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 – Episode #8013

Steffy Waits…

At the Cliff house, Steffy wonders if she wants this too much.  She’s already pytting Kelly and this newborn in matching outfits.  Taylor says her colleague will call back.  Taylor tells her daughter to trust her instincts when she meets the baby.

Reese calls Taylor back.  He asks them to come by this afternoon. The babysitter, Amelia, comes over.

Steffy meets Beth Phoebe

Reese Convinces Flo To Help Him

Flo feeds the baby at Reese’s apartment.  Reese isn’t proud of what he’s done. You ripped her away from her family and put a dead baby in her mothers’ arms.  Reese tries to defend his actions.  She doesn’t know what those animals would do to his daughter.  Couldn’t be worse than what he did to that poor mother, Flo retorts.  She supposes Reese doesn’t think he’s not an animal, because he’s a doctor

Reese asks if Flo has ever felt trapped.  He made a bad choice.  There were no good ones. And Zoe isn’t more important that the little baby in her arms, except that Zoe is his daughter. But what done is done. The best he can do for that grieving mother is to find her baby a good home.  He can’t do this without Flo.  Flo agrees.  Reese calls Taylor, then he leaves.  His name can’t come into it since his daughter knows Taylor’s daughter.  Zoe’s safety is in her hands now.  Never has he trusted anyone like this.  Flo wonders if he’s going to run off to London and leave her with the kid.  Reese reminds her that his daughter’s life depends on what he does next.

Steffy Meets Beth

Taylor and Steffy arrive. Steffy says she’s impressed by what Flo is doing for her daughter.  She’s not sure she’d have the strength.  Flo isn’t sure its strength.  Maybe its love Taylor chimes in. Flo agrees love does make you do thinks you never thought you would.

Steffy discusses her history and the baby’s father with Flo.  Steffy tells Flo about herself and her life.  She has an executive position in her family company but can work from home.  She has a daughter also and Steffy explains wanting a sister for her, like she had growing up.  The baby cries and Flo goes to get her.

Steffy is surprised Florence didn’t have any questions for her.  Taylor reminds Steffy that she already met Taylor once before.  Steffy is not adopting Florence but the baby.

Florence returns with the baby. She’s beautiful Steffy says. Beautiful little girl just like Kelly, Steffy says holding the baby.  She’s been waiting for her, thinking about her and now here she is, Steffy says.

Liam Tells Wyatt About Steffy’s Adoption Plans

At the cabin, Liam asks Hope if staring at the ultrasound photo is giving her comfort.  He can put it away fro her if its too painful a reminder.  Hope asks him is she’s not forgetting fast enough for him.  Its easier for him Hope says.  He has another daughter.  She doesn’t.

Wyatt stops by. Hope is out walking the grounds. Liam makes a comment about Hope loving him though he wouldn’t know if from today.  Hope is angry, but not with him. Liam admits to Wyatt it is different for Hope.  Beth started out a part of her.  Everything she did was for Beth. Hope’s looking for a sign that Beth is okay, looking down on her to get closure, but it’s not coming.

Wyatt asks Liam what is best.  Should he stay away?  Liam says no.  Isolation isn’t good for either him or Hope.  Just don’t bring up adoption or having another child around Hope.  Wyatt wonders about adoption.  Liam admits Steffy is thinking about adopting a sister for Kelly.  Now.

Wyatt isn’t impressed. Liam tries to explain Steffy’s position.  Wyatt wonders when he’s going to gtell Steffy that she’s already found a baby.  That could send her backwards.  Liam knows this.

Hope returns after Wyatt has left.  She is glad he has someone to toalk to.  She feels like she is failing him there too.  She is sorry for what she said. Liam knows she loves him and didn’t mean it.  If she gets through this it will be because of him. Beth’s memory won’t leave her, so why did she?

Reese Gets A Reminder Zoe Is Still In Danger

Reese has lunch with Zoe. He may have a patient emergency – a long overdue delivery. Zoe wonders why he asked her to meet her here. Reese is still worried about Zoe’s safety, but he’s joking.  Zoe notes he seems better.  Reese agrees .  He never wants to go through anything like he did on Catalina ever again, but he can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Zoe wonders if he’s been seeing a therapist. Reese sees someone watching him and Zoe.

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