Steffy Wants Liam To Meet Baby Phoebe…

Tuesday January 16, 2019 – Episode #8008

Episode Summary

Wyatt Visits Liam

Wyatt visits Liam.  Hope is at the house with Brooke. Wyatt hugs his brother. Wyatt is sorry he came empty handed.  Nothing seemed appropriate. He wanted to do something for Liam.  Liam says he did.  He’s here. Liam wonders.  Why us, why Hope, why Beth.  Liam is looking for a lesson in this but he can’t find it.  He just wants his daughter.

Meant To Be Kelly’s Sister

Adoption was an idea of hers but now Taylor is telling her that this baby needs a family. Taylor reminds her she wanted a sister for Kelly close in age.  Steffy realizes she can do it.  She can give Kelly her very own Phoebe.  Steffy is finding it hard to believe.  Things like this don’t just happen.  Taylor says its meant to be.  Steffy agrees.  Taylor says if Steffy does this she will b changing both those little girls lives forever.

Taylor starts making plans to progress the adoption with her colleague, but Steffy needs to talk to someone first.

Steffy has to talk to Liam before she can consider any of this.  She doesn’t want to be insensitive, so soon after…. As much as Steffy wants this for Kelly, and provide a home for his child, it would have to wait.

Liam arrives at Steffy’s request.  She doesn’t want to add to his pain but something she has been wanting to pursue has come up.  Adoption. They thought that the sister for Kelly was going to be beth.  She knows the losing Beth isn’t about her, but she grieves for Kelly.  She has no ide what she will miss.  But she may not have to.  Out of nowhere, a baby needs a home, and Steffy thinks she should be the one to give it to her.

She’s not trying to replace Beth.  But Liam is surprised its happening so fast. Steffy just knows she has this opportunity to give Kelly a sister, but not if Hope or Liam objects.  Steffy doesn’t want to meet the baby and fall in love with her and then find out Liam objects.

It’s a little difficult Liam admits but he knows this is what she wants for Kelly.  Just because Beth is gone doesn’t mean Kelly shouldn’t have that.  He doesn’t want to deprive Kelly of that.  Liam is okay with it.

Steffy asks if Liam would come meet the baby with her.  It impacts Kelly after all.  Liam agrees to go with Steffy. Steffy says her mom had a feeling that Kelly and this little girl are meant to be sisters, and something inside of Steffy feels that way too.

Reese Waits

Flo wonders about the baby’s actual mother.  Whether she was some king of deadbeat who would scare Taylor off.

Reese looks at the text threatening Zoe.  Flo asks if he’s sure he’s okay. She’s not buying that he’s not in trouble. It must have to do with the baby she surmises.

Flo wonders if she should be jealous.  Taylor is very pretty. Reese says he couldn’t tell with her in the room.  Flo wonders how he gets women to do everything he wants. They are doing something good for Taylor, her daughter and the baby.  Flo reminds him it also won’t hurt their bank accounts.  Win win, Reese agrees.

Reese gets a call from Taylor. She’s spoken with Steffy. This was so unexpected, but Steffy is interested.  Taylor has some logistical questions. When Steffy sees that little girl for the first time, she will want to take her home Reese assures Taylor

Will Wants His Family

Will comes to see Bill at his office. Katie and Thorne dropped him off while they run errands.  He made Bill an origami tetradactyl – out of a $100 bill.   He folded a bunch for a school fund raiser out of $1 bill’s.  He then sold them for $3. Profits everywhere.  That’s find for charity, Bill jokes, but if it’s for profit he should sell them for $5.

Will continues to impress Bill with his business knowledge.  Will says he learned from the best.  Will confides in his father about girl troubles. A girl he liked called him moneybags.  Bill tells him that is the ultimate compliment.  Bill reminds him that money is important, but so are people.  Especially children.

Bill tells his son money is important, but family is more important.  Will wishes they still were a family.  Will asks if they ever will be again.  They never spend time together, just the three of them.  Their family feels fake now. Bill assures his son they will always be a family.  Bill hugs his son.

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