Liam Meets Beth/Phoebe

Friday, January 25, 2019 – Episode #8015

Liam Meets Beth

If this baby and Kelly aren’t blood, they’re sisters.  Phoebe’s legacy lives on Steffy tells Taylor.

Taylor calls Reese and tells him the meeting went well.  Reese explains that Flo is on the way.  Taylor says the outcome of that meeting doesn’t matter.  Steffy would like to adopt Florence’s baby.  Taylor hopes its not a long drawn out process.  Reese says they need to discuss money.  $250,000 has Taylor taken a little aback.  Reese needs a deposit.  $50,000 in cash.  Taylor tells Reese they have a deal.  She tells Reese anything for her daughter.  Reese understands the feeling.

Taylor hangs up and tells Steffy about the money.  Steffy agrees its a lot.  Taylor wants to do this for Steffy and Kelly.  Steffy agrees for a baby she instinctively knows is Kelly’s sister, its worth it.

Steffy calls Liam who is at the Forrester office. She wants him to come over. There is something he needs to see.

Flo arrives with the baby. Flo is impressed by Steffy’s home and is glad she can give her baby such a wonderful home. Steffy tells Flo her daughter will be well taken care of.  Your daughter, Flo corrects Steffy.  Steffy asks to hold the baby. They put the baby down with Kelly.

Steffy tells Flo that he called Kelly’s father to meet the baby.  Even though they aren’t together she thinks its important that he meets Kelly’s little sister.  Flo goes for a drive so the 4 of them can bond together.

Liam arrives. He is concerned about Kelly, but Steffy assures him Kelly is fine. This is something so good for their daughter.  Steffy tells him she very much wants to go ahead with the adoption, but wants Liam to meet her first.  Liam can see Steffy is already in love with this baby, she doesn’t need his approval. Steffy understands, but she wants him to see it too.  That this baby is supposed to be Kelly’s sister. Liam wonders if she has a photo, but Steffy tells him its better.  She’s sleeping in Kelly’s room. Steffy brings out the baby.

Liam says she’s beautiful.  She even looks a little like Kelly.  Steffy agrees there is a resemblance.  Its not a stretch to believe they could be sisters.  Steffy gives Liam the baby to hold.  O man.  Steffy wonders if tis too much.  But Liam is good. Looking at her and feeling her it makes me miss Beth, but there is something more.  Its like she belongs here. To you and to Kelly and maybe even to me.

Liam thanks Steffy for bringing this child into their lives.  Lima is taken aback by what he feels.

Reese Gets His Money

Reese and Flo discuss the meeting at Steffy’s house. For both of our sake, Reese tells Flo, make it happen.

Taylor arrives at Reese’s apartment with the cash down payment. She wonders why it needed to be cash.  Reese gives her an excuse.

Reese tells Taylor he’s going to miss her.  He’s been offered a transfer, and after what happened on Catalina he just may take it.

Taylor tells him he’s brought so much joy to her life. She’s so glad she met him.  Reese calls the thug.  He has some of his money. Too late the thug says, and hangs up.  He is at the studio where Zoe, Tiffany and Emma are auditioning.

Zoe in Danger

Zoe is impatiently waiting for Emma and Tiffany. They have an audition.  Liam arrives.  The girls laughing stops. Liam tells them they get to laugh around him.  They feel awful.  Liam asks Zoe how her Dad is going.  Zoe says he’s very kind for asking.  That loss affected him a little more than he’s letting on, Zoe admits.

Zoe gets a call from Reese who wants to meet her. He heads out with the money. The thug puts on gloves..

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