Steffy Wants To Adopt Florence’s Baby after Connecting With Her

Thursday, January 24, 2019 – Episode #8014

Steffy Falls In Love

Flo notes that it looks like the baby is really taken with her.  Steffy checks about he father.  Flo assures her that he’s completely out of the picture.  Taylor tells Steffy that baby looks like she was born to be in her arms.  The baby becomes fussy and Flo takes her to put her down for a nap.

Steffy tells Taylor she didn’t want to let her go.  Taylor notes it was obvious she fell in love with her the moment Florence placed the baby in her arms.  Steffy admits there was a connection.

Flo returns. She’s doing what is right for her baby, not for her.  Steffy asks if Flo could bring the baby to Malibu to meet her daughter, and her father.  Flo doesn’t think it will be a problem.  Steffy wants to make sure Flo is okay with this.  Flo admits she is after meeting Steffy and seeing her with the baby.  Steffy promises to give her baby a home full of love with a mom and sister who adore her.

Reese returns  after Taylor and Steffy have gone.  He knows he has asked a lot of Flo.  He will make it up to her when they get on the other side of this.  Flo tells Reese Steffy took to the baby immediately.  Flo thinks she will want to adopt her.

Flo tells Reese about meeting Steffy’s daughter.  Steffy fell in love the moment the baby was put in her arms. Flo says it was weird.  Kind of like it was meant to be.

Meant to Be

Back at home, Steffy can’t stop thinking about the heaven sent baby that they just met. It felt like she just met her daughter Steffy tells Taylor.  She wants to adopt Florence’s baby.  Steffy can see Kelly and this new baby growing up together.  That unexplainable connection to the baby, Steffy didn’t expect it.  Taylor is thrilled for Steffy and that baby. Steffy wants the baby to meet Kelly and Liam.  Steffy calls Liam.

Steffy tells Taylor hat when she looked into the babies eyes she saw family, connection and belonging.  She truly believes that this baby was meant to be Kelly’s little sister.

A Baby That Isn’t Beth

Liam is at the cabin reading when Wyatt returns having forgotten his phone. Hope is at the main house. Wyatt can’t stop thinking about Steffy wanting to adopt a sister for Kelly. Liam admits that plan is closer to becoming a reality.  Wyatt wonders where she go t a baby so fast.  Liam explains it’s a colleague of Taylor’s that is facilitating the adoption.  Maybe its just meant to be.  Wyatt asks Liam how he feels about Steffy adopting so soon after losing Beth.

Liam admits he hasn’t really had time to process it, but it’s a little weird, but its good for Kelly.  Liam admits he doesn’t really know what he’s feeling about anything right now.  Is there something he could have done to get him to Hope sooner?  Wyatt assures him it wouldn’t have mattered.  It just happened, and no one can explain why.

Beth dying doesn’t make sense to Liam, but now Steffy going through with this adoption?  Liam doesn’t know how he feels about another baby in their life that isn’t Beth. But he doesn’t want to deprive Steffy and Kelly of something that will enrich their lives.  For Kelly to have a sister is wonderful.

Liam gets a call from Steffy.  Wyatt has left and Hope is still out.  They discuss Hope not doing great. Liam then asks what’s up. Steffy tells Liam she met the baby up for adoption. Liam says that was fast. She just wants to keep him in the loop because he’s Kelly’s father.  Liam asks how it went.  Steffy tells him her heart melted and the strangest thing happened.  It felt like she knew her. Liam admits that the dad part of him is excited for Kelly.  Giving her a sister, after everything that happened is like a miracle.  Steffy says that’s how she feels.  Like this baby and Kelly are meant to be sisters, Steffy invites Liam to meet the baby.  He will be there Liam tells her.

Is Reese in Trouble?

Zoe admits that when Reese turned up in LA she thought he was going to ruin her new life.  But its been nice.  Reese sends Zoe to find the waiter, so they can order desert.  He goes over to the thug.  The thug says 200K now, or his pretty daughter pays the price.  His boss is done waiting.  Reese gets the point.  He just needs a little more time. Zoe returns and asks what is going on.  Reese says the man is an old acquaintance.  The thug tells Reese he’s hoping to hear from him soon. Then he leaves.

Zoe says something is off here.  Is Reese in trouble Zoe wants to know.  Nothing is wrong, Reese assures Zoe.  He’s just glad to have her in his life again.  He missed her.

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