The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : January 21 – 25, 2019 – Steffy Adopts Beth!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful January 21 – 25, 2019: 

    This week Reese has some work to do to keep his adoption deal from falling through.  Feeling a connection with the baby, Steffy decides to proceed with the adoption.  Hope continues to grieve lashing out even at those closest to her.

    Steffy Adopts Beth, Names her Phoebe!

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    Concern For Hope’s State of Mind

    With Hope isolating herself and unable to find a way to deal with the pain of losing her baby daughter, Beth, this week will see concern grow over Hope’s state of mind.  Hope has only really connected with her mother, Liam and Wyatt since the devastating loss.

    Liam has confided in his brother that he feels like he failed Hope and Beth by not being at the birth.  Wyatt has assured Liam that his presence wouldn’t’ have made a difference, but viewers know that isn’t true.  Reese Buckingham was able to switch Hope and Liam’s daughter with a deceased child because there were no witnesses to Beth’s birth once Hope passed out.

    Liam also feels guilty that he has Kelly to hold on to during his time of grief.  Though Kelly can never replace Beth, holding his daughter provides Liam with a kind of comfort Hope does not.  Hope’s grief turned to anger last week when Sally brought Hope a puppy “to love on.”  Hope found the move insensitive and didn’t hold back in telling Sally so.  Did Sally really believe a puppy could replace her daughter?

    This week, Hope turns that anger on Liam telling him that he will never understand the depth of her pain because he has Kelly to love and hold. Liam will be stunned by Hope’s reaction and wisely hold back the news about Steffy’s plan to adopt a baby. Liam’s concern for his wife’s mental state will grow.

    If Hope was angry about the puppy, Liam can only imagine how she will take the news that Steffy is replacing Beth with a new baby in Kelly’s life, so soon.

    Liam will confide in his brother, Wyatt, about Steffy’s plan to adopt and how to tell Hope.  Wyatt seems to be the only one clued into the depth of Hope’s grief, perhaps because he and Hope also lost a baby. And Wyatt knows how that turned out.  Hope ran.  She packed her bags and fled to her mother, who was in Italy at the time, later divorcing Wyatt by mail.

    Wyatt told Sally the puppy was a bad idea, and he will also question the wisdom of Steffy adopting a baby so soon after the loss of Beth as well.  Wyatt will question Steffy’s motives for doing so.  When Liam asks Wyatt not to tell Hope about the adoption Wyatt will warn his brother that keeping secrets from his wife related to his ex-wife is not a good idea.

    Hope hasn’t run this time, but she has isolated herself, first physically, and this week, through her anger. Wyatt will advise his brother that for the sake of his marriage, he needs to spend time with his wife and let Steffy deal with expanding her family on her own.  But can Liam do that?  Seeing Kelly is helping him with his grief which means he will be around Steffy’s new baby, Phoebe, also.

    Proceeds with Adopting Baby Phoebe?

    This week, Flo becomes suspicious of Reese’s motives in relation to the baby adoption when she finds evidence that not all is as it appears.  If we had to guess, Flo likely finds evidence that Reese’s is being threatened by those he owes $200,000.  Will Reese confess that his daughter’s life is in danger, and this week may see the threats come closer to some actual action on that front when Zoe, Emma and Tiffany audition for a talent show.

    Since Flo has a thing for Reese (poor girl, she’s just not rich enough for him!)  she’s going to help him out, mostly by staying quiet about her suspicions, but not before Reese does some serious pleading…

    With casting news telling us a thug is slated to appear in the latter half of the week, we can surmise that the baby adoption question “Will Steffy, or Won’t Steffy?”  will continue through the end of the week.  Steffy (and Liam?) meet Baby Phoebe/Beth (BeBe?) on THursday.  Steffy will feel an immediate connection with the child which will prompt her to proceed with the adoption.

    The real question, however, is how will Liam react to meeting his daughter (Beth) for the first time? To keep the conflict coming, Liam needs to feel something towards this child, and want to spend time with her and Kelly, leaving Hope even more on the outer.  Who will Hope turn to?  Perhaps Wyatt?

    Thorne Remembers Darla

    Watching Bill, Katie and Will interact as a family unit has Thorne feeling on the outer with his new family.  It is hard to deny, that because of their shared son, Will, Bill and Katie will always be connected. Bill has been making good progress on his promise to turn over a new leaf, going so far as the moderate Will’s talent for making money, by reminding him that the people they love come first.  Will made both his parents proud when he asked God to lookout for baby Beth while saying grace over a shared family dinner.

    When Will asks his mother if she still loves Bill, her answer has Thorne reflecting on his own family with Darla.  Darla was a fiercely loyal wife and mother who was taken from Thorne too early when she was hit by a drunk driver.  Taylor!

    Clearly, this turn of events has to do with Ingo Rademacher’s departure from The Bold and the Beautiful.  Katie and Thorne’s marriage is clearly slated to end. But how?  Will Thorne reminiscing about Darla and Aly make Katie feel like she isn’t giving Thorne what he needs?  Or will Thorne step aside so that Katie, Bill and Will can be a family.  Perhaps he sees the same connection he shared with Darla between Bill and Katie.  Stay tuned to find out.

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