The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : January 7 – 11, 2019 – Goodbye Baby Beth

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful January 4 – 11, 2019:  While Hope and Liam farewell their daughter, Beth, does Dr Reese Buckingham have a baby to sell?

    Saying Goodbye to Baby Beth
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    Farewell to Baby Beth

    Meeting Baby Beth

    This week begins with Ridge, Brooke and Bill arriving at Catalina keen to meet baby Beth.  Brooke is anxious to see her daughter and meet her new granddaughter but from the moment Brooke sees Hope she wonders what is wrong.  Hope is still exhausted from giving birth, but the glow that Liam admired before delivering the news that Beth didn’t make it, is gone. Hope tells her mother that Beth is gone.  Hope collapses into tears in her mother’s arms.  Brooke cries with her daughter.

    Meanwhile, with Brooke with Liam, he can step away from her bedside.  He has been strong for Hope, having to deliver the most devastating news to his wife.  Now, with his father here, Liam can give into his own grief.


    With the initial tears shed, Liam, Bill and Ridge will realize that no one really knows what happened during baby Beth’s birth.  Dr Reese Buckingham told Hope it was a placental abruption and he did everything he could, but Bill, Ridge and Liam will be looking for more information as they process this tragedy.

    Reese had better have his story straight.  It seems almost certain that with a mystery female patient leaving the clinic in a state of shock just after Hope arrived, that Reese has switched that woman’s dead baby for Hope’s healthy one. Reese needs money to get payoff a Vegas gambling debt that currently has Zoe’s safety in question.  But is Reese getting into deeper water by crossing Bill Spencer? Especially when he’s trying to redeem himself with his son?  Seems like another risky gamble.  And Reese’s worries aren’t over yet, as the thugs continue to pressure him for money this week.

    Steffy Promises Support

    News spreads about Beth.  When Steffy hears she wonders what she should say to Hope and Liam.  What can anyone say.  Steffy feels the loss keenly.  Though their plan had hit some rocky ground recently, Hope, Steffy and Liam had planned to raise their daughters in a blended family with Kelly and Beth growing up as sisters.

    Beth’s death, shatters this dream once and for all.  Steffy feels the loss for herself and her daughter.  Kelly has lost a sister she never got to meet.  And Steffy so wanted Kelly to be raised with a sister, like she was with Phoebe.  Steffy will feel Phoebe’s loss once again as her daughter, Kelly also looses a sister.  While it may seem inappropriate to expand her family at this time, and she may reconsider for a while, it is likely that this tragedy will spur Steffy towards adopting a sister for Kelly.  Its just a matter of when. After all,  Reese has a baby to sell…

    The extended Forrester, Spencer and Logan families rally around Liam and Hope during this time of grief with a memorial service being held at the Forrester mansion.  Liam and Hope will appreciate everyone being there to support them.

    Having just given birth, herself, Steffy cannot help but feel hopes loss keenly.  Steffy makes a heartfelt promise to Hope that she is going to help her step-sister through this.  But as with all good intentions things are almost certain to go awry.

    With Liam, no doubt being drawn to the daughter he can still love and hold, Hope and Liam’s marriage is bound to be tested by this grief.  With Steffy adopting sometime in the future will Liam also find himself drawn to this new baby in his ex-wife’s household?  And then there is Hope, who is yet to process that it was her plans for a babymoon that put her on a collision course with tragedy.

    Saying Goodbye to Beth

    This week, the extended Forrester, Spencer and Logan families rally around Liam and Hope during this time of grief with a memorial service being held at the Forrester mansion.  Liam and Hope will appreciate everyone being there to support them.   Even Brooke and Taylor can set aside decades of conflict to come together for their daughters at this time.

    Reese Lays the Ground Work

    But Taylor will be providing support in an unexpected place also. Expect Reese to fake vulnerability as he comes to terms with the loss on his shift at the clinic.  He will want to show Taylor how much he cares for her. Through the grief he needs to parlay this situation into a payday.

    We can likely expect that Reese Buckingham will be the driving force behind Steffy adopting Hope’s baby.  He needs that $200,000 from Taylor to pay off his debts. And seeing the baby adopted within the family, in a strange way, may lessen the guilt he feels.

    But Reeses strange behavior is notices by his daughter, Zoe, who wonders what his father is up to.  She will suspect it involves Taylor but will have no idea as to the lengths her father has gone to, to keep Zoe safe from his gambling problems….

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