Thorne and Darla’s Romance

This week, on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorne reflects on his relationship with his late wife, Darla.  So we do too.  For those who missed this storyline during the 2000’s here’s a quick refresher.

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Back in 2003, after a misunderstanding with ex-wife, Macy Alexander, Thorne got drunk and slept with Macy’s best friend Darla.  Thorne was so inebriated that he actually thought he was sleeping with Macy!  In true soap opera fashion, Darla ended up pregnant.

Darla originally planned to terminate the pregnancy because the event had ruined her friendship with Macy, but Thorne convinced Darla not to go through with it. Macy couldn’t have children due to an emergency hysterectomy Thorne and Macy were to raise Darla’s child as their own.   This however never occurred.  First, Macy became involved with Deacon Sharpe and ultimately Macy died before Darla’s baby was born.  Darla decided she would raise her baby on her own.

Thorne spent most of his time after Macy left him with Darla supporting her through her pregnancy.  When Darla gave birth to a baby girl she named the baby in honor of her friend – Alexandria (Macy’s last name is Alexander).  Thorne and Darla decided to raise their child together and in the process their relationship became a love match.  They married in 2004.

Darla was fiercely supportive and loyal wife, standing by Thorne as he battled with his brother for control of Forrester Creations.  When Darla accidently stole Forrester designs Ridge referred to Darla as “dingbat” but that didn’t stop Darla standing up for Thorne.  Thorne also stood by his wife’s side.  Eventually, Thorne lost the battle for control of Forrester, and he left Forrester to become President at Spectra Fashions.

In 2006, like Thorne’s first wife, Macy, Darla too met an early death.  After Alexandria’s 4th birthday party Darla received a call from Phoebe Forrester who had a flat tire near Darla and Thorne’s home. Darla was helping Phoebe change the tire on the side of the foggy Pacific Coast Highway.  Darla fell into the path of an oncoming car driven by Taylor Hayes who was also responding to Phoebe’s call from help. Taylor shouldn’t have been driving, however, because she’d been drinking.  Taylor would hide her involvement in Darla’s death because of this.

Darla was rushed to the hospital, but died with her husband, Thorne by her side and Stephanie Forrester whispering that Darla was the best Mrs Forrester in her ear.

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