You Think A Puppy Can Replace My Little Girl? What is Wrong With You?

Thursday January 17, 2019 – Episode #8009


Sally Has An Idea

Wyatt tells Emma that Hope has lost a second baby.  She miscarried while they were married.  It’s awful that she has to go through this again.  As strong as Hope is, Wyatt is worried about her.

Sally and Wyatt leave the office.  Wyatt thanks Sally for being with him through this.  Sally has an idea on how to help Hope deal with the pain.  Sally leaves and says she will meet Wyatt at the cabin.

Sally brings hope a puppy

Sally Brings Hope A Puppy

Liam struggles to connect with Hope. It will get easier he tells Hope.  Not a lot of time has passed.  A millennium could go by and she will still miss her daughter.  Hope doesn’t know how this happened.  Beth was fine insider of her.  Hope still feels like she’s here, even though Beth is gone.

Wyatt called on the way home.  Liam thinks it would be good if Wyatt and Sally stop by.  Hope isn’t sure she’s up for visitors, but Liam thinks they should let the people who love them to be supportive.  But Hope says all the support in the world won’t bring Beth back.

Liam says they can’t just stay in this cabin.  Don’t fall so far in despair that no one can reach her.  She may more comfort in it than she thinks Liam advises.

Wyatt arrives.  Wyatt tells Hope that he understands if she wants to b e alone, but they just want her to know that she’s not.  Everyone is ready to help, just let them know, Wyatt says.

Hope understands but with all this pain it feels pointless. Hope says he knows that no one can close the hole in her heart except her baby girl.  Liam gets a text from Brooke to get some food from the main house.  He leaves.

Hope says what Wyatt is trying to do is very kind, especially after what they went through.  Wyatt hasn’t wanted to bring that up.  He can’t believe that Hope is going through this again.  Hope never thought in a million years even under the circumstances of her labor that Beth would make it.  Why did this innocent little life have to be taken away.

Sally arrives with puppy.  Hope is in the bedroom when she arrives. Wyatt thinks it is a sweet gesture, isn’t sure it’s a good idea to give Hope a puppy right now. Hope is pretty raw right now.  Sally goes to Hope, but Wyatt is still unsure.

Sally comes into Hopes room. She’s so terribly sorry for Hope’s loss and can’t even imagine how devastated Hope must. Be.  She wanted to try help.  She brought Hope a puppy.  Animals can be so therapeutic Sally says. You got me a dog Hope says.  Do you think a puppy can replace my child – what is wrong with you.  I lost my baby girl.  You think some damn puppy can replace my little girl,  Hope sobs.  Nothing can take away the pain of losing my Beth.

Grateful for Family

Bill calls Katie about getting Will home.  Bill offers to bring Will home.

Will asks Bill what he should do Liam.  He and Hope lost their baby.  Does he bring it up or will that make it worse?  Bill tells him to be the same sensitive brother he’s always be and be especially nice to Hope.  Liam and Hope are going through a hard time right now, but they will be okay eventually.  Bill is glad Will came to see him.

Katie tells Thorne that Bill is stepping up as a father and that makes her happy.  Donna is visiting and wonders where Will is.  Katie says that he’s with Bill. They briefly discuss Hope and spending most of her time alone.  Thorne notes that sounds about right.

Donna is worried because Hope has lost a baby before.

Bill arrives home with Will. Katie jokes when Will says Bill gave him advice about women.  Will asks if his Dad can stay for dinner.  Katie says they have plenty of food if he wants to stay.  Bill checks in with Thorne, who says they can make it thought dinner. Will goes to wash up. Bill thanks Katie and Thorne for letting him stay.  He loves that kid more than his own life.  Katie has no doubt.

They have a casual dinner around the coffee table.  Will says grace, thankful for having his Dad over for dinner.  He also asks God to look out for Beth who must be a little lost.  Beth being gone makes Will glad that they are all here together.

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