Hope Holds Phoebe – How It Should Have Been

Monday, February 4, 2019 – Episode #8021

Taylor Wonders if Hope Seeing Phoebe Was A Good Idea

At Forrester Creations, Ridge hopes seeing Steffy’s baby isn’t too hard on Hope. Brooke thinks it will be good for her. She wouldn’t have gone if she wasn’t ready, Ridge says.  Ridge appreciates Hope trying to be excited for Steffy.  Brooke agrees, she’s being very brave about the adoption.  It is amazing how fast it all happened.  Brooke can’t help but wonder how it will affect Hope

Ridge agrees it will be difficult for Hope.  Taylor walks in.  Taylor wants to talk to Brooke about how it might affect Hope.  Ridge tells Taylor that Hope already knows. Brooke says Hope is with Liam and Steffy and baby Phoebe now.  Taylor isn’t sure that was wise. Brooke knows Hope wants to put the children first. Taylor thinks that being around Phoebe has to be a reminder of what Hope lost.  Brooke questions Taylor how this all happened so quickly.  Taylor knows the timing isn’t great, but a baby is a gift.  Taylor believes this baby was meant to be part of their family.

Taylor leaves. Brooke admits the adoption does bother her on some level being so close to Beth’s death.  It will take Hope some time to heal. Brooke can’t believe Steffy has two daughters and Hope…Brooke wonders if Hope will ever hold her own child in her arms.  It would break Brooke’s heart if she didn’t get to experience that bond.  Ridge says Phoebe will help heal their family.  Brooke agrees, children are a blessing.

Reese Tells Zoe He’s Leaving For London

Charlie reprimands Tiffany and Zoe for riding scooters up and down the hallways.  Reese arrives.  Zoe is glad to see him.  She’s been worried about him.  He tells her she doesn’t have to worry anymore, and he doesn’t have to worry about her either.  Zoe asks her dad what is going on.  He’s acting weird.  Reese is leaving Los Angeles for London.  He’s here to say goodbye.  He’s leaving today.  He wants to refocus on his research.  He thinks its for the best.  Zoe doesn’t want him to go, but Reese knows him being there stresses her.  Zoe agrees agt first, but he’s enjoyed having him here.  Zoe thinks he should just build his practice here. Reese doesn’t thinks its that simple.  He couldn’t be any prouder of her.  He’ll come back and visit, and she’ll come visit him.  He’ll always be her dad, and anytime she needs her, he will come running.  He encourages Zoe to keep up with her painting and make her dreams happen.  They hug.

Taylor Thanks Reese

Taylor visits Reese at the hospital.  His transfer came through and he’s leaving on the red eye.  Reese asks how the baby is.  Taylor says she is great.  She will never be able to thank him enough for what she has done for her and Steffy.  Taylor tells reese she will miss him.  He’s had such a big impact on her and Stefffy’s life.  Taylor feels like this is divine intervention.  Steffy’s lost so much in Steffy’s life, her twin, Liam and a baby before Kelly.

Hope Tells Liam It Should have Been Her With a New Daughter

Hope welcomes Phoebe into he family and tells her she is going to be so loved.  Hope says Phoebe feels like family.  Hope can’t stop staring at Phoebe. Steffy says it looks like Hope and Phoebe already have a special bond.  Hope is glad to meet Phoebe and is glad she found their family.

Kelly cries and Steffy goes to get her.

Liam and Hope smile at the baby in her arms.  Steffy returns with Kelly.  Hope says can you imagine all the fun they are going to have Hoe asks. This is how we originally saw it.  Me holding my daughter and you with yours. That’s how it was supposed to be with Beth.  Steffy tells Hope she’s going to need help, but she’d like Hope to be part of their life.  Hope would like that too.

Back at home Liam tells Hope it took courage to put her pain aside and hold Phoebe.  Liam is proud of Hope.  They are going to be seeing a lot of Phoebe.  Hope admits she can’t stop thinking about her.  This energy and warmth flooded her body while she was holding Phoebe.  Liam admits he felt the same. It was surreal holding her, Hope says. She could close her eyes and pretend like it was her Beth. Just for a moment. She wanted to know what it would feel like to hold her won daughter, to be a mom  She can’t help but feeling that little baby should have been theirs, that she should have been Beth in her arms.  My sweet little baby girl, Hope cries.

At the cliff house Steffy rocks Phoebe and tells her that mommy is here.

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