Hope Meets Baby Phoebe/Beth

Friday, February 1, 2019 – Episode #8020

Hope Decides to Meet Phoebe

Hope is happy for Steffy adopting a little girl – a sister for Kelly.  Brooke tells Hope that it was nice of her to send Liam to spend time with Steffy, Kelly and the new baby.  Hope notes that Liam had a family with Steffy before she even got pregnant with Beth.  He should be there to welcome Phoebe to her new home and her new family.

Ridge and Brooke both understand if Hope isn’t okay with this.  The timing is bad, Ridge says. No child will ever replace Beth for them, and knowing Steffy has a baby girl and she doesn’t hurts but Hope won’t deny Steffy and Liam this once in a lifetime moment. Hope wonders if it would help if Hope goes over and meets Phoebe.

Hope Meets Beth

Ridge thinks its too soon.  Hope doesn’t know what to think.  It might be too much but prolonging the meeting may make it harder. She notes if it gets to be too much she can just leave.  Hope decides she needs to do this.  For her, and for Beth.

Back at the office Ridge thinks Hope made the right choice. Maybe this little baby will be a step away from the grief Hope is feeling.  Brooke appreciates that ridge is so sensitive to Hope’s feelings.  Brooke is proud of putting the children first even in Hope’s grief.

Hope Meets Phoebe/Beth

At the cliff house, Phoebe is in Liam’s arms.  He already sees a resemblance.  They way she looks at him reminds him of when Kelly looked at him.  Steffy says he’s being a dad.  She’s adopted Phoebe on her own but she is and always will be his daughter too.

From the moment Steffy laid eyes on Phoebe it just felt right.  Liam says it is right.  Kelly now has the sister that Steffy wanted for Kelly. Steffy says that this baby who’s biological father wanted nothing to do with her now has a caring loving father right here.

Steffy puts Phoebe down for a nap. Liam tells Steffy Hope encouraged him to come.  She thougth he should be there.  When he was holding Phoebe Liam was thinking about Beth.  He only got to hold her that once. Liam is glad he was there for this day.

Beth will always be in his heart, and he can’t get her back.  When he looks at Phoebe he sees, joy, life and the future.  This day was a miracle.  Phoebe is such a gift to Steffy and Kelly. He can’t let his sadness over Beth cloud that.

Steffy tells Liam he is always welcome here.  There is a knock at the door and Hope enters. She felt like she should stop by. They discuss how quickly it happened.  A child, no matter the timing is an extraordinary gift, Hope says.  Steffy asks if Hope would like to meet Phoebe.

Liam is glad Hope came. Steffy returns with Phoebe. Stefy introduces Phoebe to Aunt Hope.  Hope asks if she can hold Phoebe.  Hope smiles as she rocks Phoebe in her arms.  Liam smiles at Hope with love in his eyes.

Reese Leaving for London

Reese and Flo debrief on the adoption.  There are no red flags as far as Flo is concerned.  Reese says he’s in the clear.  He’s paid off his debt and Zoe is safe.  He would have never crossed the lines he morally and ethically did if Zoe’s life wasn’t in danger.  Flo understands, but notes Reese doesn’t seem happy.  Reese gives Flo her $50,000.  He’s sorry she got her involved in all of this.  Flo says she’s far from perfect.  Its over now and life goes on. Better for some than others, Flo says. $50,000 to give one woman a child while robbing another of her baby.  Flo can’t help but feel the money is blood money, but she needs the cash.

Flo helped Reese safeguard her daughter and they still made sure that baby had a safe and happy home.

Reese packs to go to London.  Flo notes that he’s not coming back.  Reese says its for the best.  Trouble follows him and he doesn’t want his actions to affect Zoe again.  Flo wants to come with him, but she  quickly realizes he doesn’t want her tagging along. Make a fresh start, pay off her debts and keep the apartment.  He has the lease for a while.  They share a secret that will stay with them forever.  No one can know what happened.

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