Phoebe Helps Hope Heal; Liam and Steffy Worry…

Wednesday, February 11, 2019 – Episode #8026

Has Flo Convinced Zoe?

Zoe demands to know what is going on. This is her father’s place so she has every right to be there. Flo still insists that she had a baby and gave it up for adoption.  Zoe isn’t buying it.  You look like that, you don’t know when your baby was born, or the name of your doctor.  What is really going on.

Flo insists she has good genes and her body bounced right back. Flo tells Zoe that Reese is not the father of the baby if that is what she is wondering.  Zoe wants to know why he is involved then.  Flo says Reese is just a good friend who helped her out with a place to stay.

Phoebe helps Hope Heal

Zoe wonders what she dragged Reese into.  Flo says its just the opposite.  But its done.  Reese arranged the adoption. Zoe is surprised that Steffy is able to adopt a baby because of her father.

Zoe wonders what was in it for Reese.  Flo says nothing.  Her baby has an amazing home now.  Flo asks if she’s done with the questions now.  Zoe still has many questions, but she’ll take them directly to Steffy.  Flo tells her not to.  Zoe knows everything she needs to know.  So, there is more, Zoe deduces.  What aren’t you telling me, Zoe wants to know.

Flo admits her father’s involvement in the adoption was kept between Flo, Taylor and Reese.  The main reason for it was because of Zoe, Steffy being her boss. Zoe asks if that is why his father has been so secretive.  Flo says everyone is happy. Her baby has a wonderful home.

Hope Finds Being With Phoebe Healing

Steffy and Liam discuss Hope being with Phoebe. Liam thinks that spending time with Phoebe seems to be soothing Hope’s pain.  Maybe that is what she needs right now.  Steffy wonders if its healthy though.

In the nursery, Hope is still holding Phoebe. Your mommy I so lucky Hope tells Phoebe.

Hope comes out of the nursery.  Phoebe fell back asleep in her arms.  Its how she imagined it would be with Beth. Hope didn’t get her adopting so soon after Kelly, but now she gets it.  She would have done anything to make that baby girl hers as well.

Sitting with her was almost magical. Liam admits he thought it might be too much.  Hope admits she did too.  It was almost instinctual. She wasn’t sure she could connect with a baby, but she could.  Liam tells her she doesn’t have to pretend it was easy.  Hope says it was easy though. The pain she thought would be there wasn’t.  She felt happy. Just pretending for a second it was what she needed.

Hope asks if its okay if she called herself Aunty Hope.  Steffy says its fine but she can still be a mother.  But Hope can’t go through that again. And Steffy’s girls will be enough, knowing that she can be part of their lives.  She may not have been meant to have children in this life, but she knows she’s meant to have them in her life.  Thanks to Steffy that is possible.

Liam doesn’t think Hope should assume that she was never supposed to have children of her own.  The thought of having a child feels like a betrayal to Beth’s memory, but being involved with Phoebe doesn’t feel that way. She’s already failed at looking after a baby’s life twice.  Two babies that never too a breath.  She can’t put herself in a position where she has to feel that fear again.  There is a darkeness inside of her but Phoebe is pushing that away.

Steffy understands.  She wasn’t as far along when she lost her first baby so doesn’t fully understand, but she knows what it is like to lose part of herself. The darkness from losing Phoebe (her sister) never went away, but time helps dull it.  Hope wonders if Steffy still feels Phoebe. Because she still feels Beth, like something is missing and she is incomplete.  Hope apologizes not meaning to lay any of this on them  Steffy just worries this may not be as helpful as she thinks.  It may make healing harder.  Hope disagrees.  She wasn’t healing, But being with Phoebe makes her feel like she will be okay.  She appreciates Steffy allowing her to come over here and spend time with her.  It just make it possible to get though the impossible.  Hope tells Steffy how lucky she is.

Wyatt Encourages Sally to Sketch

Sally and Wyatt are in bed. Sally feels guilty being happy knowing what Hope and Liam are going through.  Wyatt suggests she sketches to get her mind off al the sadness. Wyatt volunteers to be her muse. Every great designer needs one. Sally thanks him for keeping her focused on her dreams and passions.  Wyatt believes in Sally and her proposed athletic line.

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