Flo Blurts Out “He Switched the Babies!”

Wednesday February 13, 2019 – Episode #8028

Zoe Needs Answers

Xander knows Zoe’s mind is on Flo and her dad but he wants to do something special for valentines day. But Zoe can’t help but wonder.  Everything points to Flo being Phoebe’s biological mtoehr but something doesn’t feel right.

Xander thinks it’s a hell of a coincidence that Flo’s baby just happens to be the one Steffy adopted.  Is still suspicious about Flo who couldn’t answer simple questions about the birth and she sure doesn’t look like she had a baby.  Something doesn’t feel right.  Her dad was acting so weird before he left and Flo is too.

Zoe is going back to her dads to get to the bottom of this once and for all.  Xander wishes her luck.

Reese Switched the Babies

Flo Blurts Out Reese Switched the Babies

Flo is trying to get hold of Reese.  She texts him to call her.  Reese gets her message, then calls Flo who is frantic.  Zoe is outside with the apartment door open a crack as Flo talks to Reese.  Flo says she didn’t tell Zoe what they did otherwise she will figure out the truth about Steffy’s b aby and all hell will break lose.  Flo hands up but sees the door close.  Flo opens the door.  Zoe demands the truth.  All of it.  Now.

Why was Flo and her Dad so concerned about Zoe seeing Steffy’s name on the adoption papers.  Oe expects Flo to be straight with her. What did they do?  Tell her everything or she will go to Steffy or the police.

Flo begs her no to.  She didn’t know what Reese did until it was too late. Who’s baby was it, Zoe asks.  How did her father get hold of an infant.  Obviously the child isn’t hers so oe demand Flo tell her the truth of she will go to the cops.

Flo blurts out that he switched the babies.

Hope Blames Herself for Beth’s Death

Pam gives Hope tickets to go out when she and Liam are ready. Diner theatre medieval style. Pam praises Hope for taking her life back.  Hope says it doesn’t seem real sometimes. She keeps thinking she’ll wake up from this nightmare and Beth will be there.  If only, she whispers.

Wyatt arrives.  They have work to do he tells Hope and Sally.  Sally has some sketches to show Hope for Hope for the Future.   Hope likes them.  She appreciates the initiative and what they are trying to do – get her mind on work – but her mind keeps getting dragged back to why she had to lose her baby girl.

Wyatt says Hope has to stop blaming herself for what happened in Catalina.  Hope still thinks if she’d been awake for Beth’s birth, Beth would be here with Hope today.

Thorne Dumps Katie on Valentines Day

Katie is working on a Valentines surprise for Thorne who is distracted.  He hopes Katie knows how much she means to him.  When he first arrived from Paris he didn’t know what to expect, and Katie and Will welcomed him into their family.  He’ll always be grateful for that.  Katie is grateful for Thorne’s commitment.

That makes it harder for Thorne to say what he has to say. Its about them. He doesn’t think their marriage should have happened.  Katie is aghast.  Thorne thinks it is for the best if they end their marriage.  Katie thought they were happy. This has been building up inside Thorne for a while. They got married pretty fast with the custody hearing around the corner. They got married for Wll’s sake too.  Bill is now part of his son’s life and Bill shares custody.  Will’s wellbeign brought them together, now Thorne thinks he’s in the way.  Bill is providing the stability Thorne gave him.  Thorne doesn’t want to get in the way of Bill and Will’s relationship.

Thorne also misses his daughter more than Katie can know. He was using her and Will to fill a whole in her heart.  He loves her too much to let this continue. Thorne has had papers drawn up.  He thinks they should annul their marriage.

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