The Birth Mother’s Name is “Hope”!

Thursday February 14, 2019 – Episode #8029

Sally and Wyatt Celebrate Valentines Day

Sally is so much happier than this time last year she tells Wyatt.  Sally wonders if she overstepped by giving Hope sketches.  She just wanted to get Hope focused on work.  Wyatt thinks it was a great idea and very sweet.

Sally and Wyatt spend Valentines Day in the bedroom.

If Only She’d Stayed Awake…

At the cabin, Liam is proud of Hope going back to the office. Hope has a baby onesie given to her as a gift with a heart on it.  She imagined this their first holiday together.   Liam thinks they should try to do something for Valentine’s Day.  Hope says the flowers are enough. She knows he wants to take away her pain but she can’t fight this feelings.  Liam hugs Hope.  She would rather just stay home with him.

Part of her can’t get past failing her baby girl by passing out.  She wasn’t awake when she was born.  Why couldn’t she stay awake?

Liam says she had a traumatic medical emergency.  She’s lucky to be alive.  Hope feels like she gave up. It sounds crazy, but something happened when she was unconscious.  She believes if she stayed awake Beth would be here now.

Birth Mother's Name is Hope

The Birth Mother’s name is Hope

Zoe thinks Flo is lying.  How did Reese get his hands on a baby for the adoption it if wasn’t Flo’s.  He switched babies, Flo tells Zoe.  He would never, Zoe says.  Flo tells her he did and he did it to protect Zoe.  He was trying to keep her safe.

Flo reminds Zoe her father is not just a gambler, he likes to take big risks.  Zoe realizes Reese owed money. He needed money to pay of a bookie,  so he got hold of a baby and sold it to Steffy and her mom Zoe asks incredulous.  Then Steffy’s adoption is illegal, Zoe says.  Flo tells her to call her dad but not the cops.  Leave her out of it.

If you’re not the mother of the baby then who is the mother Zoe demands.  Flo tells her she doesn’t know.  All she remembers is that Reese said the mother’s name is Hope.

Hope is the birth mother’s name?  What’s the last name Zoe wants to know.  Flo doesn’t know.  That can’t be, Zoe says, Hope lost her child. Flo reminds Zoe she had nothing to do with all this.

Zoe calls her father.  She tells him she’s with Flo who has told her everything.  Steffy’s adoption is illegal.  Flo is not Phoebe’s mother.  You made this happen.  You used Phoebe to pay of a gambling debt.  Flo said you switched babies.  She said the birth mother’s name is Hope, Zoe cries. You were with Hope when she lost her child. Dad, what are you doing?

Reese tells her he’s on the way to LA from London.  But he needs her not to say anything until he get’s there tomorrow.  He will explain when he gets there.

Zoe tells him she is scared she already knows what he did. Zoe cries.  Rees begs her not to say anything, especially not to Steffy or Hope.  Zoe hangs up on Reese and cries.

Thorne Annuls His Marriage

Katie cries as Thorne gives her annulment papers on Valentine’s Day.  He wants to end their marriage like it never happened.  Katie wants to know why he’s doing this.

Out of love for her and Will, Thorne says. Katie didn’t even realize they were having problems.  Thorne wanted this to work and have a family but he isn’t ready.  There is so much he hasn’t dealt with. Its about him and his unresolved issues from losing Darla and Ally.

He doesn’t want to get hurth.  He’s seen how Katie is with Bill and Bill with Will.  Thorne thinks Katie would rather be with Bill.

Katie says she’s been over Bill for years. She doesn’t want to give up on their relationship Katie tells Thorne. Thorne reminds Katie that Bill is finally the father she wants him to be. Katie is glad for that, but that is as far as it goes. Thorne doesn’t think she realizes her feelings for Bill.

Will arrives home. He gives them both Valentines Cards.  He made one for his dad too.  He asks if they are okay. They seem sad. Thorne explains that he was telling his mom that he has to go away for a while.  Will wants to know how long he’ll be gone.  A while, Thorne says. He hasn’t fully dealt with losing his family, Thorne tells Will.  He’s going to go back to Paris for a while and deal with it. Will tells Thorne he will miss him.


Will asks if Katie will be okay.,  She admits she’s really sad, but she will be okay.  They all will be okay.

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