The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : February 11 – 15, 2019 – Flo Breaks Down Truth Revealed!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful February 11 – 15, 2019: Steffy worries about the bond forming between Hope and Phoebe; Zoe and Xander piece together clues to Reese’s activities; Valentine’s Day brings surprises.

    Steffy Worries About Hope Bonding with Phoebe

    Since adopting her daughter, Phoebe, Steffy has spent much of her time bonding with the newest member of her family and greeting the many visitors to her home who have come to welcome Phoebe to the family.  One of those visitors was Hope.  Unlike others, Hope had no questions about the adoption process.  Like Steffy, Hope only got joy out of holding Phoebe.

    Hope admitted to Liam that for a moment she imagined it was Beth she was holding. Later, she also confessed that when Steffy placed the baby in her arms, she felt a strange electrical energy course through her arms to her heart as she held Phoebe.  Hope told her aunts, mom, and Liam that Phoebe had made her feel like a mother.  Hope also told them that she believed Phoebe was brought into her life to give her back hope.  It was clear that the infant was constantly on Hope’s mind.  Liam , Donna, Brooke and Katie seemed concerned about this but said nothing.

    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    But when Hope continues to be drawn to Steffy’s new baby, wanting to visit the infant and unable to stop thinking about her, Steffy also becomes worried about Hope becoming too close to her daughter. Though Steffy is happy to see Hope find some peace holding Phoebe, if Phoebe were to connect with Hope in a way she doesn’t with Steffy, that will be upsetting to Steffy.

    Steffy voices her concern to Liam, but he defends Hope.  Liam is just happy to see Hope finding some joy again in life, and if holding Phoebe helps Hope do that, Liam is going to support her in that.  And he Hopes Steffy will also.

    Meanwhile, whether they still have questions about that night, or as a mean of healing, Liam and Hope sit down together and go through all the details of the night Beth was born.  Will Hope remember there was another patient in the clinic?

    Zoe and Xander Investigate

    After meeting Florence at her father’s apartment, and realizing that Florence had been living with Reese, Zoe worked out that she much know why Reese had been behaving so strangely since mysteriously appearing in Los Angeles, and just as mysteriously departing.  Zoe knows that Reese and Flo have something to do with Steffy Forrester’s new baby, and between them, Zoe and Xander start piecing together the facts.

    Feeling pressured under  Zoe’s constant questioning, Flo tries to get hold of Reese.  Zoe threatens to call the police, or go to her boss, Steffy with what she knows.  Feeling caught in the lie with no support, Flo breaks down, and by weeks end there is another person who knows the secret of baby Phoebe.

    Zoe contacts her father and condemns his actions.  What he has done is reprehensible and Zoe tells him that Hope has to know the truth, the baby Steffy adopted is her daughter Beth!  But will Zoe change her turn when she learns why Reese did what he did?

    Valentine’s Day Surprises

    Valentines Day brings surprises of all kinds.  Hope and Liam spend a quiet night together at the cabin. Still processing the tragedy that has tested their relationship, Hope and Liam commit to their love and working through their grief one day at a time together.  But Liam has some other commitments – to be a good father to Kelly, and now Phoebe, that may be inconsistent with being a good husband to Hope.

    Steffy will shower her love on her two beautiful daughters.

    Sally and Wyatt celebrate their love in the bedroom.  And while Katie is planning a romantic surprise for her husband Thorne, he is preparing to drop a bombshell on his wife. Thorne’s surprise has Katie blindsided and she ends up running to her ex, Wyatt, to confide in him.  Needless to say Wyatt is shocked by Katie’s news

    Could a newly single Katie inject some conflict into Sally and Wyatt’s love life?  Or should we look for a recast Thomas Forrester to fulfill that role?  Or another possibility is Florence.  Katrina Bowden recently let it slip in an interview that she screen tested with Darin Brooks (Wyatt) before snagging the part of Flo.

    That means these two are due to share some screen time.  Of course, that can happen without the two becoming a romantic pairing.  Wyatt isn’t above seducing a girl to get her to spill her secrets – he did it with Nicole.  Nicole told Wyatt that Maya was born Myron.  Will he pull the same manoever to get Flo to confess that Reese stole a baby to sell to Steffy – and that the birthmom’s name is Hope?

    Given that Ingo Rademacher chose not to renew his contract as Thorne Forrester late last year, and is appearing only as a guest star, we are looking for Thorne to end his relationship with Katie.

    This of course will be music to Bill’s ears as at weeks end he is plotting with Justin on just how he should get his family back…

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful is recasting the role of Thomas Forrester, Steffy’s brother, for an upcoming storyline.  Does this mean Wyatt and Sally will leave the bedroom and  get a storyline of their own?

    Look for Ingo Rademacher to have his final airdate as Thorne Forreseter this month.  Spoilers suggest that Katie will get an unexpected Valentines Day surprise…Which ex will Katie turn to when Thorne ups and leaves?  Wyatt? or Bill?

    Katrina Bowden exposed in an interview that she screen tested with Darin Brooks before landing the part of Flo.  How will these two share the screen?

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


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