The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : February 4 – 8, 2019 – Hope Bonds With Beth/Phoebe!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful February 4 – 8, 2019: 

    This week, with the adoption finalized, Reese flees Los Angeles for London.  Zoe finds her father’s behavior strange and investigates…Hope holds Steffy’s adopted daughter and like Liam feels and instant connection.  Meanwhile, there are many questions and observations about Steffy’s adoption.

    Hope Bonds with Phoebe!

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    Zoe Suspicious of Reeses Sudden Departure

    To save his daughter, Reese Buckingham, did the unthinkable.  As a human being and as an obstetrician.  He stole a baby and sold her to another woman so he could pay off a gambling debt.  The thugs he owed money to were threatening, his daughter’s Zoe’s life.  And in a choice between his daughter and Hope’s he made the selfish choice.

    He saved his daughter’s life.  But this week, that choice could come back to haunt Reese.  When he tells Zoe that he is heading back to London keen to leave behind that terrible night in Catalina, Zoe isn’t buying his story.  He’s lost babies before.  This loss seems to be especially traumatic for him.

    Clearly, Reese can’t tell Zoe the truth, but he doesn’t manage to appease her with his explanation either. Zoe has Xander to confide in.  Given, Reese’s past, Zoe has the distinct feeling that Reese is in trouble.  After Reese departs, Zoe goes to Reese’s apartment to look for clues.  And she finds one.


    Zoe is surprised to find the mystery blond in his father’s apartment.  Reese told Flo to see out the rest of the lease in the apartment if she wanted to help her get back on her feet.  Despite Flo’s guilt over what she and Reese have done Flo cannot pass up the $50,000 Reese paid her to pretend to be baby Beth’s birth mother.  Like Reese, Flo also has debts to pay off.

    But Flo surely didn’t expect to face Zoe’s questions.  Flo has already proven herself good on her feet, and manages to deflect or answer each one of Zoe’s questions.  Initially.  But by the end of the week, there are too many questions being asked by too many people about Steffy’s super speedy adoption.

    Flo finds herself face to face with Zoe Buckingham once more.  The Forrester Creations fashion model demands to know what Flo and her father have been up to, and what it has to do with Steffy’s newly adopted baby.

    Spoilers tells us that this altercation ends in explosive results.  Does Zoe put two and two together?  Or can Flo not take the pressure any longer and confess?   We don’t think that one week into February sweeps the secret is ready to come out, yet, but that doesn’t mean that the circle of people keeping secrets doesn’t get bigger.

    Even if Zoe learns the truth, will she turn her father in?  Can she take the moral high ground and send her father to jail and return baby Beth to Hope?  We don’t think so.  There is more drama in letting the secret ride a little longer…

    More Questions Raised Over Steffy’s Adoption

    Last week, Steffy Forrester finalized her adoption of a sister for Kelly. Steffy named the new baby girl, Phoebe after her own twin who did in a car accident.  Dr Taylor Hayes, Steffy’s mom, facilitated the private adoption through a colleague and friend, Dr Reese Buckingham.  Though Taylor rand Steffy originally had reservations they were quickly dismissed.  Taylor handed over $250,000 and Steffy went home with a baby sister for Kelly.

    As soon as news of the adoption spread questions began being asked.  When Ridge saw the briefcase full of cash he pondered whether Steffy was adopting on orphanage or one baby. This week, the Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers suggest that both Ridge and Brooke confront Taylor  individually with questions about her colleague who facilitated the adoption and the birth mother.

    Taylor will be cagey about her colleague, as Reese asked her to keep his name out of things given the , recent loss of Hope’s baby, and that his daughter Zoe, works for Steffy as a model on the Intimates line.

    This, alone should have had Taylor asking questions.  IF the adoption was legitimate surely Reese’s involvement wouldn’t matter.  Will this make Taylor ask herself some tough question?  If we had to guess, Taylor will be one of the first to learn the truth about baby Phoebe’s identity.  She will then be caught between doing what is right and ensuring Steffy’s happiness.  One thing fans are certain of is that Steffy will suffer when her baby is taken from her and returned to her mother, Hope.

    But Ridge and Brooke aren’t the only ones raising questions about Steffy’s new baby.  Sally and Wyatt can’t help but notice the resemblance between Kelly and Phoebe.  Steffy has told Liam that Phoebe is as much his child and hers, and that he is Phoebe’s father also.  Of course, the resemblance, that Sally and Wyatt see, and Liam himself noted when he met Phoebe is  because Liam IS both girls father.

    Hope Meets Phoebe – Instant Bond

    Cliffhanger Friday last week saw Hope decide with the help of Ridge and Brooke that she should head over to Steffy’s home to meet the new addition to Steffy’s family.  Hope had already encouraged Liam to go to Steffy’s home to welcome the new addition to their family.  Hope noted to Brooke and Ridge that Steffy had a family with Liam before Hope even became pregnant with Beth, so Liam belonged there, and Hope wouldn’t deny them this once in a lifetime experience.

    Hope knew meeting Phoebe would be painful and make her think of Beth, but she was concerned that putting off the meeting would only make the inevitable meeting more difficult.

    Liam and Steffy welcomed Hope who asked to hold Phoebe.  Steffy and Liam watched with concern as Hope took the infant into her arms.  Her sadness turned to a smile however as she made eye contact with the newborn baby girl.  Hope planted a kiss on the baby’s head as Liam watched his wife with love in his eyes, fully aware how difficult this must be for her.

    The bold and the beautiful spoilers for the coming two weeks state that Hope will be overwhelmed by the feelings that come over her while he is holding Phoebe.  Overcome by love for the newborn in her arms, Hope will be unable to stop thinking of Phoebe.

    Meanwhile Liam has been strong for his wife, but he has his own grief to deal with also.  While he has found comfort in holding baby Phoebe also.  With baby Phoebe in his wife’s arms, Liam can see the love Hope has been unable to direct into raising her own child.  Hope’s joy will be hard not to notice.  Even Hope will be surprised as spending time with Phoebe and holding and feeding the infant sees her grief almost instantly disappear.

    With Hope in a better place emotionally, it will be Liam’s turn to break down.  He will confess to Hope that seeing her with Phoebe triggered an overwhelming sense of guilt.  What if his presence could have somehow changed the outcome.  Will Hope be able to comfort Liam as he deals with his feelings?  Or is she too fixated with the infant in Steffy’s home?

    By weeks end, Hope will ask Liam to take her to Steffy’s home to visit Phoebe again.  Steffy will be taken aback that Hope has accompanied Liam on a visit with his daughters.  Knowing Hope is still grieving the loss of her daughter Beth, Steffy will be accommodating, but watching Hope bond with Phoebe, as if she is Hope’s own will be uncomfortable for Steffy. Both Hope and Liam have instantly bonded with baby Phoebe, and with Sally and Wyatt noting the resemblance between Kelly and Phoebe, could Steffy perhaps start to wonder where baby Phoebe really came from?

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    The Bold and the Beautiful is recasting the role of Thomas Forrester, Steffy’s brother, for an upcoming storyline.  Does this mean Wyatt and Sally will leave the bedroom and  get a storyline of their own?

    Look for Ingo Rademacher to have his final airdate as Thorne Forreseter this month.  Spoilers suggest that Katie will get an unexpected Valentines Day surprise…Which ex will katie turn to when Thorne ups and leaves?  Wyatt? or Bill?

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


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