Phoebe Makes Hope Feel Like a Mother

Thursday February 7, 2019 – Episode #8024

Phoebe Makes Hope Feel Like a Mother

At The cabin Hope, Brooke, Donna and Katie are having breakfast and doing a puzzle.  The conversation halts when Hope mentions Steffy’s babies.

Over breakfast they do the puzzle. Liam arrives to find the ladies laughing and having fun.  He’s got groceries. Hope again turns the conversation to Kelly and Phoebe who she can’t stop thinking about.

Liam joins them doing the puzzle. Hope keeps turning the conversation to Steffy’s babies or Beth.  She knows they want her not to talk about it.  Brooke says they are here to help.  And that means whatever Hope needs.  She should just say what she is feeling.

Phoebe makes Hope feel like a mother

Hope doesn’t know who she’d feeling. Katie tells Hope they aren’t here to do a puzzle.  They are here for her.  Say something, say nothing.  It doesn’t matter.

Liam tells Hope he feels like he failed Hope not being there the night their daughter died.  He promised he would be, but he failed her.  Liam is really sorry.  He hugs Hope.

Hope tells her aunts and mom what they are doing is beautiful.  Hope tells Liam he didn’t fail her. She’l never understand why God took Beth from them, but she’s starting to understand there is something that can help her go on.

Hope says she went to Steffy’s house to welcome the new baby. Steffy put Phoebe in her arms and electricity went through her body to her heart which has been dead for so long. There is something about her.  Something about this baby, whose mother didn’t want her, makes me feel like a mother. She didn’t have anything left inside of her until that moment.  Hope thinks Phoebe came into her life to give her back hope.

They Look Alike

Sally and Wyatt arrive at the Cliff house to meet phoebe. They peek in on the babies sleeping.  Wyatt says is it just him, or do they look kind of alike.  Now that you mention it, Sally agrees.  Steffy also says she sometimes sees it.

Steffy tells then that Taylor found Phoebe and the birthmother through one of her contacts. It seems like the whole situation is miraculous Steffy states.  Sally and Wyatt offer to babysit.  Wyatt has a question for Steffy.  He wonders if Liam is alright.  Wyatt can’t tell anymore.  Steffy says, both Liam and Hope are beating themselves up. Steffy is trying to keep a respectful distance.  She doesn’t want Phoebe to be salt in their wounds.

Steffy continues to bond with Phoebe.

Zoe Thinks Flo Has Answers

At Forrester Zoe walks in on Xander changing clothes.

She want to tell him about Flo.  Her father’s apartment was modest but respectable. Zoe thinks he’s starting to understand why Reese came to LA.  Flo is young and pretty, and living with her dad until…that part Zoe doesn’t know.  Yet.  Flo knows what has been going on with her dad, she’s just not saying.  Flo is staying at her father’s apartment and in Vegas where she works in a casino.  Something doesn’t add up.

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