Who Are You? Zoe Meets Flo

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 – Episode #8022

Hope Returns to Work

Hope and Liam return to work at Forrester Creations.  They are welcomed by Brooke, Eric, Quinn, Pam and the team. Eric says they can set the pace.  They are surrounded by people who love them.

Conversation turns to Steffy’s new daughter.  Hope doesn’t want them to not talk about Phoebe.  She will bring light and joy to the family just like their Beth would have.

Eric gives Hope the news that they want to rev up the Hope for the Future Line.  Her line brings an energy and spirit to the company that they need.  They will follow Hope’s lead on how fast or slow she wants to ramp up the line.

Hope can’t help but remember the last time she was in the office she was pregnant, carefree and happy.  And now she doesn’t know when the sadness will disappear.  Liam says maybe working will turn down the volume a little.  Just trust your instincts Brooke advises.  Like you did with Phoebe, Liam adds.

Hope knows Phoebe is a blessing for Liam’s family, but Beth was supposed to be Kelly’s little sister.  Phoebe is precious and sweet but holding her she couldn’t stop thinking of Beth.

Zoe meets FLo

Ridge Wonders About Phoebe’s Birth Mother

At the Cliff House Ridge is holding his new granddaughter. Taylor is holding Kelly.  Ridge is amazed at how wonderful this is.  Thanks to Taylor and her contact.

They discuss Hope and Liam meeting Phoebe.  Steffy says that Phoebe was really comfortable in Hopes arms and if Hope is up for it Steffy thinks that Hope can paly an important part in Phoebe’s life.

Ridge is surprised the adoption when through so quickly.  Steffy says that is thanks to Taylor and her contact.  And the birth mother who brought this beautiful baby into their lives.  Ridge has questions about how Taylor’s contact even met this lady.

Steffy comes back into the room with Phoebe.  She may not be her biological child but no one could love her more. The moment she held her Steffy knew Phoebe belonged with her, and Kelly.

Who Are You?

Zoe and Xander discuss Hope and Liam returning to work. Zoe says that losing the baby had a big impact on her dad too.  She thinks its part of why he went back to London, but Zoe thinks something was going on with her dad before that.  She’s going to get some answers Zow tells Xander.  Her dad left some keys at the hospital.  She hopes he left something behind to give her a clue as to what is going on.  Theres a few months left on the lease Zoe says and heads over there.  He kept his apartment a secret for a reason.  He’s hiding something and Zoe is determined to find out what it is.

Zoe lets herself into her dad’s apartment.  She finds a makeup purse and Flo enters.  Who are you Zoe asks.  Who are you, Flo demands back.  What are you doing in my apartment.  Flo wants to cll the cops.  Zoe says this is her father’s apartment.  Flo realizes its Zoe. Flo tells Zoe that she should direct any questions to Reese. Zoe asks again, who she is and how she’s involved wither father.

Zoe hasn’t noticed yet, but there is a basket of baby things in the apartment.

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