Maybe There’s A Reason Phoebe Brings Hope Peace…

Monday, February 18, 2019 – Episode #8031

Zoe Can’t Keep Quiet

Zoe can’t believe what her dad did.  He did it to protect her.  Zoe refuses to be his excuse.  He stole Hopes baby and sold her to Steffy.  Hope deserves to know the truth.  Her baby is alive and under Steffy’s care.  Reese says he knows he screwed up.  He hates what he has put Hope thought, but he loves Zoe more than anything.  If Zoe tells Hope what he has done, he and Flo will go to jail.  He will lose his medical liscens.  His life will be over.

Zoe asks what about Liam and Hope’s life?  Reese is sorry. If she gets the police involved the thugs he owed money to won’t like the attention and he will be back to where he started.  Steffy will be a wonderful mother and Hope will still be in her baby’s life.  Zoe can’t believe he is justifying this.

Your stole Hope's baby and sold her to Steffy!

Reese does not want ot go to prison.  Zoe picks up her bag and leaves.  She deosnt’t know if she can be quiet about this.

Flo comes back. Reese is having a stiff drink. He couldn’t calm Zoe down.  She risked everything for him,  Reese doesn’t know what Zoe is going to do.  Reese doesn’t think that Zoe will go the police but she may go to Phoebe’s mother.

Zoe Needs Xander To Come With Her

Zoe arrives at Forrester and is clearly upset.  Xander asks what is wrong.  She got in a fight with her dad and his reckless behavior. Zoe needs Xander to come with him.  She needs to see Steffy.

Zoe Goes To Steffy

Hope feeds Phoebe and tells Steffy she’s perfect. Aunty Hope loves her so much Hope tells Phoebe. Phoebe is down for a nap, and Steffy tells  Hope she is just going to keep checking in with Hope that spending time with the girls is still okay for her. Hope tells Steffy this is helping so much.  Hope says Phoebe brings her so much peace, and Steffy is blessed to be her mom.

Steffy returns from putting the girls to sleep apologizing for being gone so long. She’s the only parent here, so she just has to do what she has to do.  Hope has been looking at the picture of Liam and Steffy on the wall.

Xander and Zoe arrive at Steffy’s house.  She needs to talk to Steffy about Hope’s baby.  Beth Steffy asks confused.  What about her?

Zoe says losing Beth has been hard on both of them.  Steffy admits she lost a baby once that she didn’t carry to term.  She doesn’t think she would recover.  Hope was just here Steffy tells Zoe.  Hope seems to find comfort in Phoebe, Steffy admits. When she holds Phoebe all Hopes’ sadness just slips away.  Phoebe makes Hope come alive.  Seeing their connection is beautiful Steffy says. Steffy has to remind herself that she’s holding Phoebe not Beth.  Zoe says Hope’s instincts with that child seems so intense.  Maybe there is a reason for that Zoe says.  As if Phoebe were her daughter.

Wyatt Tells Bill About Thorne Leaving

Wyatt arrives at Bill’s office.  Bill summoned him. Wyatt tells Bill there has been a major change in Will’s life.  Thorne went back to Paris after annulling his and Katie’s marriage.  Bill notes that Will was attached to that loser Bill says.  Wyatt says Will will be okay.  He knew something was off, but Katie didn’t.

Bill asks how Katie is doing.  Wyatt admits she’s shell shocked. Bill though Thorne would be in for the long haul. One of the reason Thorne left was because of Bill, Wyatt tells his dad. What did he do?  Bill wants to know. Bill being a better parent hasn’t gone unnoticed with Thorne.  If Will can accept you then Katie can too.  Thorne is convinced Katie is still in love with Bill.

Bill thinks that is absurd.  They will always care about each other as Will’s parent. He lost his way as leader of the family, but he’s determined to get the family back on tract.

Bill needs Wyatt’s help.

Katie Tells Donna and Brooke About Her Marriage

Donna and Brooke are surprised about Katie’s news.  Brooke is shocked.  Donna is sad.  They hug their sister. They discuss how Will is taking the news. Katie says Will seems to understand this better than she does.  Brooke doesn’t understand why Thorne couldn’t deal with his grief here. Donna doesn’t think this all adds up.  Is there something she’s not telling them? Katie admits Thorne also thinks Katie is still in love with Bill.

But Katie doesn’t love him in that way.  They look at Katie sideways.  You think I’m still in love with Bill too Katie asks her sisters?

Brooke Wonders About Hope Spending Time With Phoebe

Hope arrives at work.  She’s feeling good today because she’s seen Phoebe, Hope tells Brooke.  Brooke isn’t sure it’s a good idea. Spending so much time with Phoebe.  Hope says it’s the only think that gives her peace

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