Zoe Finds The Adoption Papers; Hope Loves Phoebe Too Much

Friday February 8, 2019 – Episode #8025

Steffy and Liam Worry About Hope Being Around Phoebe

At the cabin Liam tells Hope that he knows she’s trying to be brave.  But they lost their daughter and Hope adopted another baby. Hope says she can’t stop thinking about Phoebe.  She’s Kelly’s little sister and she’s part of his family now. He’s so so lucky.  He should go spend time with Steffy and the girls.  Steffy is expecting him.  Hope has one request though.  Can she come with?

Liam is surprised but says its okay, but maybe not a great idea.  Hope just wants to hold Phoebe.  Liam wonders if she shouldn’t just relax at home, but Hope feels like she needs this.  She just wants to hold that baby.

Liam wonders if being around babies right now is the best idea.  It puts stress on her.  Phoebe is sweet, but it’s a reminder.  Its tough on Liam so he can’t imagine what its like for her. Hope tells him that being around the girls helps.

Hope wants to see Phoebe

Liam gets a call from Steffy.  Hope leaves the room so he can talk to her.  She’s checking if Liam is still coming over. Liam is about to ask about Hope coming over but Steffy has to go to the girls.

Liam arrives. Steffy is surprised Hope is there too.  Liam says he was trying to ask on the phone.  Is it okay Hope asks.  She was hoping to see Phoebe.  Steffy tells her she’s welcome anytime, but the girls are still asleep.  Hope becomes a bit antsy.  Hope says she would still like to be a big blended family and she is ready to help Steffy any way she can.  Being with Phoebe and Kelly too helps lessen the pain of losing their daughter, Hope says folding baby clothes from Steffy’s laundry.

Steffy thinks Hope being there especially with Phoebe will only make things worse.  Liam agrees.  But Hope wants to be here, and it feels like it’s the right place to be.  Phoebe wakes and Hope wants to go get her.  She’d really like to spend time with her if that’s okay.  Steffy tells her to go ahead.

Steffy tells Liam that this doesn’t seem healthy.  Liam agrees but he doesn’t know how else to help her.  For whatever reason Hope has a soft spot for Phoebe.

In the nursery, Hope rocks Phoebe and she smiles up at her. Liam watches on the baby monitor. She tells Phoebe that she was supposed to have a beautiful baby girl like her too.  She did her best.  She pushed and pushed then she fell asleep.  Then when she woke up she was gone.  She got to hold her but then she had to say goodbye.  That was the most horrible night of her life, but she forgets that all when she looks at Phoebe.

Outside Liam turns down the volume on the monitor. Hope tells Phoebe that everything feels so right when she looks at her.  Hope then remembers telling Liam she’s pregnant, having their first ultrasound.  She tells Phoebe that Aunty Hope loves her so much.

Zoe Finds Adoption Papers In Reese’s Apartment

At Forrester with Xander, Zoe doesn’t understand why his father never mentioned Flo. Xander asks if she thinks something shady is going on. Zoe thinks he’s still mixed up in something.  Bad.  And Flo is involved.

Zoe is going back to the apartment.

At the apartment, Flo looks over the adoption papers.  She reflects on meeting Steffy and the adoption process.  Flo hides the papers in a drawer and goes into the bedroom.

Zoe lets herself into Reese’s apartment and starts going through mail and looking around. She opens the drawer and finds the adoption papers with Stephanie Forrester’s name on them.

Flo comes out of the bedroom in underwear and a robe and asks what Zoe is doing here.  Zoe shows her the adoption papers she found.  You had a baby Flo?  And you gave her up for adoption.  Steffy Forrester’s baby girl.

Zoe isn’t buying it however, since Flo can’t tell her the date the baby was born or remember her doctor’s name.  Zoe looks at Flo in her underwear and says skeptically, you had a baby, last month.  It doesn’t look like it, Zoe says.  Flo says she’s been working out. You’re clearly hiding something.  Zoe wants to know what is going on and how it involves Steffy Forrester’s baby.

Sally and Wyatt

Sally and Wyatt are in bed.Wyatt wonders if she was kidding about having baby fever.  She says she was.  Wyatt wants kids.  Someday.  Sally agrees.  They are glad they go to meet Phoebe though.  And Steffy seems so happy.  It was hard not to think of Beth though.

They discuss how quickly the adoption went through. She feels bad for what Hope is going though.  Sally wishes she could help Liam and Hope somehow.

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