Zoe Keeps Reese’s Ugly Secret…Hope Feels Guilty

Tuesday February 19, 2019 – Episode #8032

Zoe Can’t Tell Steffy the Truth

At the cliff house Steffy wonders what Zoe is trying to say. Zoe says its understandable Hopes connection to Phoebe.  How can she not see Beth when she looks at Phoebe when they were born so close together.

Zoe tells Steffy there is something she should know.  Phoebe cries and Steffy goes to her.  Xander asks what she’s about to tell Steffy. Zoe doesn’t know now if she should.

Steffy brings Phoebe out and introduces her to Zoe and Xander.

Zoe cant tell Steffy truth

Steffy feeds Phoebe.  Zoe notes that Phoebe fits right in.  Steffy says she has to remind herself that she didn’t carry her or give birth to her.  She’s her daughter, just as much as Kelly.

Zoe tells Steffy how happy she is for her.  Steffy wonders what that has to do with Hope. Zoe wants to be there for both of them.  Hope for her loss, and Steffy for her exciting new chapter.

Hope Feels Guilty That Liam Isn’t With His Family

Hope tells Brooke that holding and singing to Phoebe lets her imagine for brief moments of time what it would have been like with Beth.

When she holds Phoebe, something makes her feel complete, Hope tells Brooke. Hope believes Phoebe is here for a reason. She respects that she’s Steffy’s daughter, but Hope thinks that Phoebe is here for her too.

Hope needs to tell Brooke something, but doesn’t know how. She feels guilty about the home Phoebe and Kelly could have if Liam and Steffy were together….

Brooke says there is nothing for her to feel guilty about.  Her family with Liam isn’t happening.  But he still has a family with Steffy.  Those girls deserve to have a father. Brooke says she needs to focus on herself.  She is taking nothing away from those girls.  Brooke tells Hope to stop pushing Liam away.  Her and Liam are the core of their family.  Hope asks why she had to lose her child.  It changed everything.

Zoe Will Keep Reese’s Ugly Secret

Flo panics about Zoe telling. Reese tries to call his daughter at Flo’s urging.  It goes to voice mail. Flo thinks they are getting what they deserve.  She can’t imagine what the baby’s mother is going through. Reese hopes Zoe realizes it does no one any good for the truth to come out now.

Reese says he will protect her. But Flo can’t forget what she did to the birth mother.  She feels so much guilt over what they did to her.

Zoe comes back.  She didn’t tell.  She couldn’t.  Reese thanks her.  Zoe wants to talk to Reese alone.  She wonders if she’s just made a horrible mistake.

Zoe admits she went to see Steffy.  She can’t believe Reese did something so horrible.  He could have stopped gambling to keep her safe.   Zoe says the right thing to do is so obvious;  go to Hope, Steffy, Liam and the police and tell them what he did.  But he’s her father, and that baby is in good hands.  Steffy already adores her. To take her away now seems cruel.  Zo hates every bit of what he did, but she loves him and she doesn’t want him to go to prison.  So Zoe won’t say anything.  She will keep his ugly secret. Reese thanks Zoe and hugs her.

Bill Wants Wyatt Back at Spencer

Its been a long time since they’ve felt like a family.  Bill wants to prove his loyalty to Wyatt. Bill tells Wyatt he’s wasting his talent at the dress farm.  He should come back to Spencer. Wyatt reminds Bill he kicked him out.  Bill thought he didn’t need him back then.  He was wrong. He’d fall on his sword if he still wore it.

Wyatt reminds Bill what he did. He went after his son’s pregnant wife.  Who does that.  Bill admits he screwed up big time.  He will do what it takes to make it right. He’s provien it with Will.  He’s stepped up with him, and he’ll step up for Wyatt.  Come back to Spencer, this is where you belong.  Spencer is his legacy.

Wyatt reminds him how cruel he was to the woman he’s living with. Bill says he will find a place for Sally at Spectra.  He will do anything to get their family back on track.  Wyatt ells Bill he’s given him a lot to think about. He doesn’t want to be like his father.

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