Flo Comes Face to Face With “Hope”

Monday, March 4, 2019 – Episode #8041

Ridge notices the resemblance between Phoebe and Kelly

Steffy is frazzled between work and looking after the girls.  Ridge arrives for a visit. He puts Kelly down for a sleep with Phoebe who is already asleep. Steffy has made tea. Ridge makes a comment about Steffy raising two kids on her own.  Not if Hope has her way, Steffy retorts.  Steffy fills Ridge in on what Hope did.

Ridge wonders about Steffy though.  Did part of her want Liam to come back to her?  Steffy doesn’t want Liam to end his marriage like this.  They are grieving their child.  Sure, she wishes things were different, but if Liam was here she wouldn’t have Phoebe who Steffy loves like she gave birth to her.

Ridge holds Phoebe as Steffy makes a bottle. Ridge comments that Phoebe kind of looks like Kelly.

flo meets hope

Wyatt Wonders if Hope is Right

At the cabin Wyatt explains to Liam he’s going back to Spencer and Sally is part of the deal.  Liam congratulates Wyatt.  Liam says Hope joined Katie at Bikini.  He is glad that Hope is out and enjoying the world.

Liam confesses to Wyatt there is a lot going on between him and Hope.  Hope told him to go back to Steffy, Liam blurts out.  He’s talked her off the ledge for now. Everything is about the children, Liam says.  Its all Hope cares about.

Wyatt wonders if part of Liam thinks Hopes suggesting is right.  Does Liam want to be full time with Kelly?  Liam admits it hurts being away from Kelly, but he’s married to Hope. Do you think Hope is right Liam asks his brother?

Wyatt says he just thinks Liam should think what is right for all of them. Liam admits he wants to be there for Kelly, and Phoebe too.  There is something special about her.  Liam is grateful Phoebe is in their lives.

Flo Won’t Leave LA

Flo tells Zoe she is staying in LA for a fresh start.  Zoe thinks it is putting her father at risk.  Flo retaliates that Reese did that to himself.  She was just dragged along for the ride.

Zoe and Xander lose their accents

Back at Forrester Zoe and Xander get early morning call times and make a joke about their accents.  They made a bet about who can lose their accent first.  Xander tries on different accents, but Zoe is distracted.  Zoe admits she ran into Flo. Xander thinks Zoe is worried about the adoption. But theres nothing Flo can do about giving up her baby now.

Flo Meets Hope

Hope and Katie arrive at Bikini and are seated at the bar since its busy. They discuss Hope trying to reunite Liam and Steffy.  Flo overhears Hope say its only right.  Kelly and Phoebe need a father. Katie says Hope should think about what she needs.  Don’t push your husband away.  Think about what you need, Katie advises.  Hope laments that what she needs is gone.  Her baby is gone.  Flo realizes who Hope is as she listens.

Hope admits to Katie that the baby she held in Catalina didn’t feel like her.  This she says, of the ultrasound, is Beth.  Flo remembers Reese confessing to what he did and realizes the Hope sitting at the bar is Phoebe’s birth mother.

Hope says its hard to accept because she missed Beth’s birth because she passed out.  When Hope mentions Dr Buckingham’s name and Flo’s fears are confirmed.  She drops a glass.  Hope asks if she is okay.  Flo cleans up but continues to listen to Hope talking about her birth and if she’d managed to stay awake. Hope would give anything to have her daughter back. Katie has to go pick up Will. Katie hugs Hope and leaves.

Hope asks Flo for her bill.  She see’s the name Hope on her credit card.  She introduces herself to Hope.  She couldn’t help but overhear and she’s really sorry. Hope just wants to pay her bill so she can go. There is something Flo needs to tell Hope before she goes…

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