Spencer Fashions Rises From the Ashes of Spectra Fashions

Friday March 1, 2019 – Episode #8040

Spencer Fashions Rises From Spectra Fashions Ashes

Justin isn’t happy with Bill starting a fashion house under Spencer. Bill explains it was Wyatt’s one condition to come back to Spencer.  He’s doing it for Wyatt not Sally.  And if he can repair some damage to Sally’s career so be it.  Especially since she means so much to Wyatt.

Wyatt and Sally arrive.  Justin leaves.  Wyatt and Sally are excited, but Sally is still in disbelief.  He literally below her career aspiration to smithereens.

Spencer Fashions Spectra Fashions

Bill says he has changed, and Sally promises not to take her frustrations out on Skye. Sally asks if he is really prepared to start up Spectra Fashions again.  No, says Bill. He knows What Wyatt thought isn’t happening.  Wyatt and Sally start to get upset, but Bill says he’s not reneging on their agreement.  He just wants the company to be named Spencer Fashions.  That is his only requirement.  Bill doesn’t think that is an unreasonable request.

Sally won’t quibble over the name.  She’d prefer it to have the Spectra name but she recognizes this as one hell of a business opportunity. It may not have the Spectra name but it will have the Spectra passion on chutzpah.

Zoe is Upset Flo Hasn’t Left LA

Flo has gotten a job at Bikini. Zoe arrives. She asks if Flo is out of her mind. Zoe talks to her. She should be in Los Angeles at all Zoe tells Flo.  She can’t work here.

Zoe stopped by her father apartment and was surprised to find her stuff there.  She asked the apartment manager where she was and he told her she had a new job.  Staying in LA is foolish, Zoe says.

Flo agrees there is some risk, but she likes LA.  Flo says there is nothing in Vegas for her anymore.  Zoe tells her to start over somewhere else.  So she can forget what happened here.  Her father dragged into something that is haunting her.  There is a mother who believes her baby died.  Zoe tells her not to talk about it aloud.

Zoe reminds Flo that Phoebe will have a wonderful life.  Except knowing who her mom is and who she is.  Flo can’t believe Reese manipulated her into this.  She can’t believe this woman will have lost her child forever.  What Reese did is awful.   Poor Hope, Flo says.


Liam Won’t Let Hope Push Him Away

At the cabin, Liam brings Hope tea.  She still has the sonogram of Beth. She has postponed a work meeting.  Hope is sorting through baby clothes,  They were for Beth, but she wants to give them to Steffy for Phoebe. She doesn’t really want to part with them but if she’s going to move forward she needs to find a way.  Even when every thought she has is Beth.  They are both dealing with a lot

Liam doesn’t want to see Hopes ring ever come off her finger again.  Hope gets an email from katie to meet her at Bikini.   Liam thinks it’s a good idea, but he still wants to talk about what she tried to do.  They need to stay together and work through their grief.  But Hope still feels guilty for keeping Liam away from his daughter and Phoebe,  And that makes Hope feel selfish.  She doesn’t feel right about it.

Hope wanted to be a mom than anything else in the world.  But that didn’t happen.  But there are two other little girls who are.  And Liam should be with them. Liam tells her they will all make sure the girls are fine. In her heart, Hope still feels like a mother, like she can’t move on because she still feels like Beth is here.

Hope never wants to forget Beth.  They never will Liam says, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t stop living.  Hope is trying her best and being with Kelly and Phoebe helps.  Liam is glad, but that doesn’t mean he gets to force him and Steffy back together.  Liam talk about one day having a child of their own, but Hope becomes upset she can’t go through that again.  She’s obviously not meant to be al mother.  Liam says she already is.  She’s Beth’s mother.  She can do it again, and if she wants they can have a family of their own. Liam is not going to let Hope push her way.  He’s never giving up on them.

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