The Bold and the Beautiful Caroline-Rick-Maya

Rick and Maya marry

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Maya and Rick Wedding Statistics Date: August 7, August 10, August 11, August 12 (air dates) Location:  Los Angeles Venue: The living room at the Forrester Mansion Date:...

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Though Maya is coming clean with Rick about her transgender status herself, it can easily also come out thanks the the Spencer family. The Spencer's have proven ruthless in their means which means three relationships are in jeopardy because of how Maya's story is revealed.

Carolines Secret

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Caroline Spencer has been away in New York for a long time. Last week she hinted to cousin Liam that soon it would be clear why. What is Caroline hiding?

Maya is a man

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Maya's gender of origin secret is spreading as Maya and Nicole continue to talk about it. Carter knows, Nicole knows, Liam and Wyatt know there is a secret, and Pam and Charlie find something out also. When does Rick find out? And who tells him?

Maya is a man

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Maya’s Backstory Maya Avant was introduced on The Bold and the Beautiful in January 2013.  Just released from prison Maya came to Dayzee’s café to...

Maya is a man

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Rick and Maya Rule All Things Forrester Rick Forrester and Maya Avant have been king of the heap over at Forrester Creations ever since Maya...

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With the 7000th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful breaking from format to air a documentary style episode, The Bold and the Beautiful...

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Released From the Big House The character of Maya Avant first appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful in January of 2013.  Released from prison...

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Rick’s main justification for wanting Eric to sign over control of Forrester Creations to him was so that he could get on with implementing...

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Eric Forrester Steps Down When Eric Forrester decided to step down as CEO of Forrester Creations and step back from the day to day operations...