The Bold and the Beautiful; Steffy and Liam

Who sees Bill propose to Steffy

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Bill’s ego knows no bounds.  He’s threatened Katie, the mother of his youngest son, Will, with a custody battle to take her son away...

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Bill and Liam At Odds – Again! When Steffy stops by Spencer Publications and Bill fills her in on taking back the Spectra building thanks...

Steffy and Liam Marry Sydney Australia

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It’s been a long road to get Liam and Steffy to the altar; for the third time.  and that doesn’t refer to the 14...

Steffy Ivy Electrocuted

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Liam has always loved Steffy’s spirit and her spontaneity.  It is part of what attracts him to her.  When he proposed a couple of...

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Payback – Steffy Style Since Aly’s death, Steffy has been living with the knowledge that Ivy could at best have her stand trial for murder,...

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