The Hortons

Days of our Lives:  Horton Family Who’s Who

The Horton Family has been the central family in Days Of Our Lives since the soap operas inception on November 8, 1965.  For 45 years the personal and professional lives of the Horton Family have provided storylines for Days of Our Lives fans to enjoy.

Though the last name “Horton” isn’t overly represented on Days of Our Lives nowadays, there is still plenty of Horton blood running through the veins of the characters currently onscreen.

On Days of Our Lives first day, the storylines revolved around Tom and Alice Horton and their five children, Bill, Mickey, Tommy, Marie and Addie. Below is a look at the members of the Horton family, who’s related to who, and the major storylines each character has enjoyed over the 45 year history of Days of Our Lives.

Alice Grayson Horton

Matriarch of the Horton Clan, who died in June 2010.  Married Dr Tom Horton in 1930 and is the mother of their five children: Bill, Mickey, Tommy, Marie and Addie.  Tom and Alice’s marriage is held up as one of the longest lasting in Salem, despite the invalidation of their original wedding vows and remarriage in 1991.  Though, Alice didn’t suffer the same relationship woes as most of the residents in Salem, her life was anything but dull.  Alice has been taken hostage, broken Roman Brady out of prison (with drugged donuts), and “killed” by the Salem Stalker.

Dr Tom Horton:

Patriarch of the Horton Clan, married to Alice Horton until his death in 1994.  He was Chief of Staff at University Hospital, for much of his medical career, and wrote poetry under the pen name Norm de Plume and recited that poetry in secret at the Beat Bar.  (Alice thought he was having an affair!)

Bill Horton:

Alice and Tom’s youngest son, Bill, broke of his engagement to Dr Laura Spencer and left town when he discovered he suffered from a disease that would prevent him becoming a surgeon. When Bill returned to Salem, Laura was engaged to, and married, Mickey, Bills brother.

In a drunken rage, Bill raped Laura, but when sober, didn’t remember the incident.  Laura’s decision to keep quiet was complicated when she discovered she was pregnant (with Mike).  Bill was blackmailed by Kitty Horton when she learned the truth. Though innocent, Bill went to jail for Kitty Horton’s death, to protect his brother from learning about Mike’s paternity.  When the secret of Mike’s paternity was revealed, Mickey divorced Laura.

Bill and Laura married, and Jennifer Rose, their daughter was born.  Shortly after Laura was institutionalized, Bill left Salem, and during this time (off-screen) had an affair with Kate Roberts, that resulted in the birth of Lucas Roberts (Horton).

Laura Horton (Spencer):

Married to Mickey, Laura was raped by her jealous, ex-fiancé Bill, but when he didn’t remember raping her she kept quiet, to prevent a feud between the brothers.

When Laura fell pregnant she learned from Tom that Mickey was sterile, and Laura, Tom and (later) Bill kept the truth from Mickey about Mike’s paternity.   But Laura and Mickey’s marriage was not a happy one, and after a coronary and later, a stroke, Mickey disappeared.

In Mickey’s absence Laura and Bill became close again, especially when Laura learned Bill had gone to jail to protect his brother from the truth. With Mickey missing however, Bill and Laura couldn’t marry for seven years, so they began a search for him.

Bill and Laura eventually found Mickey (on Maggie Simmons’ farm).  Through an accident on the farm Mike’s paternity was revealed when neither Mickey nor Laura were matches for a blood donation.

Mickey divorced Laura, allowing Bill and Laura to marry.  They had a daughter, Jennifer Rose.  Soon after, Laura became depressed and began seeing her dead mother, and descended into the same mental confusion her mother had suffered from, and was admitted to a sanitarium.

Seventeen years later, Laura slowly assumed a more normal life, when it was revealed she was being kept drugged at the sanitarium to bilk money from the Horton family.

Mickey Horton:  Mickey and Laura Spencer became close while working together on Susan Martin’s trial for killing her husband, David Martin, and later married.   Mickey suspected Laura of having an affair with his brother, so he had an affair with Linda Paterson. Mickey suffered a coronary and stroke while arguing with Mike over his treatment of Laura.  Bill operated, and saved Mickey’s life.  Mickey left Salem University Hospital an amnesiac and found his way to a farm owned by lonely, crippled Maggie Simmons, who would turn out to be the real love of his life.

Mickey and Maggie lived happily until Stefano DiMera kidnapped Mickey and staged his death in an auto accident.  During Mickey’s captivity Maggie fell for Mickey’s law partner Don Craig, and when Mickey returned from the dead, Mickey and Maggie divorced.  They later remarried in a double wedding with their adopted daughter Mellissa and Pete Jannings.

Thinking his wife was dead (Salem Stalker) Mickey became involved with gold-digger Bonnie Lockheart, until Maggie returned from Melaswen (New Salem), very much alive, and they reconciled.  They remained happily married until Mickey’s death in January 2010.

Maggie Horton:  Early in her relationship with Mickey, Maggie regained the use of her legs through surgery performed by Mickey’s brother, Bill.  Mickey and Maggie married, and they adopted Janice, but when they lost custody to the girl’s biological mother, Maggie began to drink.  (She remains the AA sponsor on Days of our Lives to this day).

Though Mickey was sterile, Maggie still wanted to experience carrying a child and giving birth.  Sarah Horton was born as the result of a surrogacy arranged by Dr Neil Curtis.  Mickey and Maggie fight the father Dr Evan Wyland for custody when they learn about his wife’s death, and win.

Years later, as Mickey worked long hours, Maggie felt neglected and found comfort in Neil Curtis’ arms.  Sarah discovered the two in bed, and Neil and Maggie told her that Neil was her biological father.   Sarah told Mickey about the affair anyway.  Mickey forgave Maggie, and Neil left town.

Like Mickey, Maggie also returned from the dead, when she was killed in the kitchen of her restaurant Chez Rouge, by the Salem Stalker.  When Mickey returned from the dead, Maggie had moved on with his law partner, Don Craig.  When Maggie returned from the dead, Mickey had moved on with their housekeeper, brazen Bonnie Lockhart.

Mickey and Maggie reunited until she was widowed in January 2010.  Maggie and Victor have formed an unlikely friendship, making Vivienne Alamain, Victor’s current wife insecure, and Carolyn Brady, his former mistress, jealous.

Mike Horton:  Close to his uncle, Mickey, who at one time was believed to be his father until his late teens, when a farm accident revealed the truth—Bill Horton was in fact his father.  In Days of Our Lives’ early days, Mike Horton was an EMT and married to Margo. When Margo died of Leukemia, Mike left town.

He returned a doctor, and started an inter-faith relationship with devout Jewish doctor, Robyn Jacobs.  Religious differences finally drove Robyn to leave town, to live in Israel, ending her and Mike’s relationship.  When Mike discovered that Robyn had had his child, he went to Israel to be a family with Robyn and his son, Jeremy.

Mike returned to Salem a few years later, a single man. He fell for Carrie Brady, but kept his feelings to himself because she was married (to Austin Reed). Working long hours together on Mike’s campaign to become Chief of Staff at the hospital, Mike and Carrie had an affair.  When Austin discovered Carrie’s betrayal, they divorced and Mike and Carrie became engaged and left Salem together.

Jennifer Horton:  Daughter of Bill and Laura.  Raised by her grandmother (Alice Horton) as her mother, Laura was institutionalized in a catatonic state not long after her birth.  Jennifer dated Glen Gallagher in high school, but the relationship ended when a romance blossomed between Jennifer and Frankie Brady, the adopted son of Shaun and Caroline Brady.

Married to Jack Devereaux, has two children of her own: Abby and Jack Jnr.

Jennifer returned to Salem in November 2010, sans Jack, who was on a walkabout, finding himself.  Jennifer’s plan to rekindle a romance between her friend since boarding school days, Carly Manning and Daniel Jonas looks likely to backfire, with Jennifer and Daniel developing a friendship loaded with sexual chemistry.  Or is Daniel falling for another patient he’s saved?  (Daniel and Carly performed surgery to save Jennifer’s life when her heart was stolen by an organ stealing ring.

Lucas Roberts Horton:  Lucas, the product of an affair his mother had with Bill Horton, took the Horton name (as an adult) to spite his mother—Kate Roberts.   Lucas and Sami conspired for many years to keep Austin and Carrie apart.  Sami and Lucas slept together in a low moment, just prior to Sami bedding Austin by drugging him. When Sami became pregnant she claimed the baby was Austin’s, when in reality it was Lucas’.

When Lucas, discovered he was his nephews father he married Nicole Walker to gain custody of Will (Kate paid Nicole $5 million to marry Lucas) and Kate and Lucas framed Sami for Franco Kelly’s murder, though guilt made Lucas come clean just before Sami was to be put to death for the crime.

Lucas revealed a ”Sami Scheme” and derailed Sami’s short-lived marriage to Brandon Walker (Sami changed paternity results on Lexi Carvers baby), but when she almost died as a result of an accident, Lucas cared  for Sami and the friends, turned enemies, became friends again, and then lovers.

Their relationship didn’t last long thanks to Kate’s manipulations.  And when Austin and Carrie returned to Salem (separately) Lucas and Carrie married, but when she cheated on Lucas with Austin, Lucas had their marriage annulled and Austin and Carrie left Salem together.

Married to Sami, Lucas learned he may not be the father of the twins Sami conceived (to save Lucas’ life, Sami allowed EJ to rape her).  Lucas shot EJ and went to jail when Sami divorced Lucas and married EJ to end the DiMera/Brady feud.

A disastrous relationship with Chloe Lane sent Lucas back to the bottle, rehab and another annulment before he left Salem for China.

Alice (Ali) Caroline Horton

Ali is the daughter of Lucas Horton and Sami Brady.  Her twin brother, Johnny, was fathered by EJ DiMera, who blackmailed Sami into sleeping with him in return for help to save Lucas’ life.

Will Horton  For the first years of his life, Will’s mother, Sami Brady, had everyone believe that Austin Reed was Will’s father, and used Will in her unending quest to keep Austin and her half sister Carrie apart.

Will has been an ongoing victim of his mother’s schemes.  Constantly in search of a father figure and a real family, Will bonded with each of Sami’s prospective husbands:  (Uncle) Austin, Brandon Walker, and was elated, when Sami and Lucas became engaged.

Unfortunately, Grandma Kate, couldn’t abide the idea of Sami in Lucas’ life and manipulated the end of Lucas and Sami’s relationship, crushing Wil’s hopes of a normal family in the process.

Will has proved no more successful in love than his father, Lucas.  His first relationship was with Mia who played him off against Chad, the father of her baby she’d given to Nicole for adoption. Mia left town when she learned that her biological baby (Grace) had been switched with Sami Brady’s baby (Sydney) at birth by Nicole.

Will is currently romantically involved with Rafe’s younger sister Gabi Hernandez, who is technically also his aunt via marriage (Rafe is married to Will’s mother, Sami Brady).

Melissa Horton:  Adopted daughter of Mickey and Maggie Horton.  Her mother, Linda Patterson, who had an affair with Mickey tried to pass her off as Mickey’s child.  Melissa is Nathan Horton’s mother.

Nathan Horton:

Nathan Horton is Melissa Horton’s son.  His father is currently unknown.  In true Horton family tradition, Nathan is a Doctor working at Salem University Hospital.  On his arrival in Salem he had an instant attraction to Melanie Layton, but when His relationship with Stephanie Johnson is the subject of much manipulation as Stephanie is insecure about a continuing friendship Nathan has with former girlfriend, Melanie, even though she is currently married to Philip Kiriakis.

Jeremy Horton:  Son of Mike Horton and Robyn Jacobs, Jeremy grew up in Israel.  He returned to Salem as a young man and established a relationship with Stephanie Johnson, while establishing a private airline with Jett Carver(Jeremy is a pilot).  His bad boy background, including charity fraud and theft was revealed with his shady dealings at Touch The Sky airlines (the airline was a front for running guns, and a prostitution ring) and by his own short fused temper.  He almost drowned Stephanie in a hot tub as a result of an argument.  He left Salem to straighten out his life and avoid prosecution.

Marie Horton:  Daughter of Alice and Tom Horton, who fled to become a nun, when she discovered the man she was in love with, was her amnesiac brother, Tommy.

When she returned to Salem years later, she found a former lover, Alex Marshall was the Hospital Administrator at University Hospital, and that a student nurse at the hospital was actually the daughter she’d conceived with Alex and given up for adoption (unbeknownst to Alex).

Marie eventually left the convent, and married Dr Neil Curtis.  Neil’s Mistress Liz Chandler, shot Marie one evening in Neil and Maries home, when Marie returned home unexpectedly.  Marie divorced Neil when she recovered and eventually left Salem, only to return for family funerals—most notably her mother’s in June of 2010.

Jessica Blake:  Jessica came to Salem as a nursing student, started dating Joshua Fallon, and was soon revealed to be the daughter that Marie Horton (a nun) had conceived with Alex Marshall (prior to becoming a nun) and given up for adoption.  When her paternity was revealed Jessica bonded with Alex, who adopted her, but hated Marie for keeping the truth from her and Alex.  Like her mother, she fled from Salem to a convent where she became a novice nun.  When Marie had her removed from the convent, Jessica returned to Salem and began suffering from multiple personalities.  One, Angel, a street-walker, dated Jake Kositchek and almost married him, and another Angelique (her birth name) terrorized Marie Horton.  Jessica recovered from her personality disorder, married Joshua Fallon and left town.

Nick Fallon:  Jessica and Nick Fallon’s smart and slightly geeky son, came to Salem to get to know his relatives.  He fell for and dated bad-girl Chelsea Brady (daughter of Bo Brady and Billie Reed).  Their relationship fell apart, the first time, when Nick slept with Chelsea’s mother.  But Chelsea forgave Nick when he stole a piece of evidence from the Lab where he worked that would indict Chelsea in setting fire to her father’s house.  Like his mother before him, Nick became mentally unstable after developing a pain medication addiction, prescribed after being shot protecting Melanie.  Nick killed Melanie’s father in an effort to protect Melanie, and then used the fact that she was a suspect in the murder to manipulate her into a relationship with him.

Tommy Horton:  Alice and Tom’s, presumed dead oldest son, returned from Korea an amnesiac.  Brought to Salem Dr Bill Horton, no one recognize Dr Mark Brooks as Tommy Horton due to extensive reconstructive surgery he’d undergone as a result of injuries sustained in Korea.  Mark Brooks fell in love with his sister, Marie Horton, which drove her to leave town and become a nun.  Tommy regained his memory and reunited, briefly, with his wife Kitty, and got to know his daughter Sandy.  Tommy and Kitty divorced when he learned of her affairs.

Addie Horton: Oldest daughter of Tom and Alice, and Mickey Horton’s fraternal twin, was married to Ben Olsen and had two children, Stephen and Julie when Days of Our Lives first hit the airwaves.  and Doug Williams. Pregnant and diagnosed with Leukemia, Addie chose to put her fate in God’s hand rather than undergo chemo therapy, which would harm her unborn child.   Three months after Hope’s birth Addie died saving Hope’s life, by pushing her pram out of the way of an oncoming truck.

Doug Williams:

While Bill Horton was in jail for his involvement in Kitty Horton’s death, he met conman and singer Brent Michaels.  The two became friends, Bill filling Brent in on the goings on in Salem, most notably Susan Martin’s inheritance.  When Bill leaves prison he invites his cell mate to look him up in Salem upon his release, which Brent Michaels does; arriving in town as Doug Williams.

Doug quickly puts the moves on Susan Martin, who wise to his caper instead recruited him to keep Julie Olsen away from Scott Banning.  Doug begins an affair with Julie at Susan’s behest, but he soon genuinely fell for Julie.

Hope Brady (Williams):

Hope is the daughter of Addie and Doug Williams. Married (on and off) to Bo Brady, who is the father of Hopes three children, Shawn-Douglas, Zac and Ciara.

Hope was smitten with merchant marine Bo Brady from the moment he roared into Salem on his motor cycle.  Hope’s father, Doug, was not as enamored with the idea of Bo dating his daughter and suffered a heart attack from the stress of keeping his princess and the long-haired, leather clad rebel, Bo, apart.

Hope becme involved with Larry Welch, Salem’s district attorney, who was much more Doug’s idea of a suitable son in law, but Hope’s heart still belonged to Bo.  Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding to Larry, by replacing the bride with his private investigation partner, Howie Hoffstedder.

Larry’s goons located Hope, and she and Larry were eventually married, but Hope avoided consummating the marriage by telling Welsh she was pregnant with Bo’s child.

Julie Olsen: 

Adelaide (Addie) Horton’s daughter with Ben Olsen.

Julie fell for conman Doug Williams, whom Susan Martin had paid to start an affair with Julie to keep her away from Scott Banning. Married Doug Williams, who had also been married to her mother.  Julie lived with her grandparents, Tom and Alice when her parents moved to Europe.